Photo what?

Hi World Wide Web!

Today, I am attempting something new! While Photoshop has been around for a while (ages some might say) I never really got into it. That is until recently. In my advanced composition class, we are writing a narrative photo essay. We are using photos integrated with a story. It sounds really cool, until the daunting thing is we have to use photoshop. Some might rejoice at this. I just inwardly groaned.

So now I am trying out photoshop at home (thank goodness for trials right?) I’m not trying to do anything fancy I just want my photos to reflect…well me. In class we got a little taste of what photoshop can do. I was too busy being overwhelmed to really remember what she told us to do. That being said….damn it. Now I have to learn how to photoshop pictures by myself on a rough draft. And I am no where near creative enough to do it.

But I’m trying. I’m fiddling, looking up beginners’ guides, and annoying the crap out of my brother to get his input on how to do things. He probably tells me it looks good just to shut me up. But I’m definitely trying.

I’ll probably post my photoshopped pictures up later so you all can see my progress (or more likely lack there of.) I’d appreciate any help or tips on how to use photoshop.

Until next time,

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