A failed (or not) attempt at photoshopping

Hello Everyone!

So I finally got around to attempting photoshop (for longer than 10 minutes). And I must say, some of the results I got were not as bad as I expected (from a beginner).

I’ll post them below. I’d love some feedback.

A machine that gives you meal tickets!

In this picture I tried to brighten the machine slightly and give it a bit more color without distorting the original too much. I wanted to keep in tact the original feel of the picture but enhanced a bit. I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

This is a picture of an arcade where I wanted to emphasize the bright colors of the arcade not the people. Hence why the people are blurred and black and white. I’m on the fence about this one.

This picture was originally a picture of a game in Japan. I simply adjusted the brightness a bit and used the filter Neon Edges. I thought it turned out ok.

In this picture I wanted to make the vending machines rainbow. Just to make it feel a bit more colorful and kind of showed my awe with the vending machines a bit more. I liked the outcome a lot and it was simply a matter of manipulating the color balance.

In this picture I wanted it to look bleak, hopefully that came across in the picture. That’s because by making this picture bleak without much color I could then emphasize the color of the other pictures!

So how did I do? Ok?

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