Toes are weird

Hello Blogging Community,

Do you have something you have always liked for no apparent reason? You can’t explain it but you just love them? For me, that would be nail polish (I’m pretty sure the majority of you thought I would say feet since the title is about toes.) I really like nail polish; I think (most of) the colors are gorgeous and they just look so cool.

But for loving nail polish so much, I never actually wear any of it on my hands. The only thing I do wear on my fingernails is the nail strengthener from Sephora by OPI (which is basically a clear but not too shiny base coat almost.) I think the reason is because every time I put a color I like on my fingernails my hand looks munchkinized. Basically my small hands suddenly look smaller and chubbier. So I just stopped wearing nail polish on my nails. I’m sure that most of the distortion of my hands is in my head. But I still can’t bring myself to paint vivid colors on my fingernails regardless of how much I know my hand shape isn’t changing. Therefore, to avoid the headache I just paint my finger nails simple colors. If it’s not the nail strengthener then it’s a pale pale pale pink or nude color.

So then why do I keep buying nail polish? Easy. For my toes. For some reason, when it comes to my toes all colors are fair game. I just think my toes look 100x prettier with nail polish on. This may or may not be because I think feet are horrendous looking and to mask that I add a bit of color to it. I’ve painted my toe nails numberous colors ranging from French manicure to bright red to green. I think they all make my toes look better. I don’t think there has been a color I’ve tried where I thought it looked horrible on my toes.

So lately for my toes I’ve been obsessed with greenish/blueish tones. It started off with my slight obsession with the color For Audrey by China Glaze and every shade I’ve bought after that has been a twist off of that. There has been only 2 colors I’ve loved that haven’t been similar to that shade and those colors are from the Alice in Wonderland collection by OPI; the colors were Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice. Mad as a Hatter is a rainbow sparkle mixture that in the bottle looks like glitter and black but on looks like sliver and glitter. Absolutely Alice is blue sparkles.

As for the colors I am obsessed with? The recent three that I wear are: Oceanic Love Potion by Sephora, Jade is the New Black by OPI, and Flyin’ High by China Glaze. All three are pretty similar in shade and color. It’s hard for me to describe so just go look them up. Or I’ll provide links at the bottom. But either way that is my latest obsession on my toes. So check them out if you want and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading,

*Thanks to Google and the original sites for these pictures. =D

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