A Beauty Review: Shiseido White Lucent Skincare

Hi Readers,

Today, I wanted to share something with all my readers. I have discovered a great skin care regime.

I have always loved Shiseido; their make up works really well with my skin giving me a great look without causing me to break out or look discolored. But when it came to skin care I was a drug store brand girl through and through. I’ve tried everything from Clean & Clear to Aveeno to everything in between. Yet nothing was really working for me. I tried proactiv for a while, and it was good, I just hated having to either wait for it in the mail or going to the mall to buy it. It was just too problematic. Then I heard about Acne Free, which is  comparable to Proactiv. It kind of worked but mostly, it just made my skin dry out. (Yeah as much as I love the flaky look…not so much.)

So while shopping for a new foundation (the powder foundation wasn’t quite cutting it), I was discussing this problem with the Shiseido lady. Now, I know their job is to sell me stuff but still they know what they’re talking about. We were discussing my skin (and how lucky I was that after all the stuff I put my skin through, it still wasn’t bad!) I decided to try out their new skin care line the white lucent line. It was designed to help even skin tone and deal with the spots that often appear from aging and acne. It also even out skin tones from sun damage, which folks from CO will tell you, we get a lot of sun here! So, being fed up with the drugstore brands I decided to give Shiseido a try since I’ve had so much success with them in the past.

I got the foaming cleanser, softening balancing toner, the day and night moisturizer, and a purifying mask.

The Foaming Cleanser: what you do is put a pea size amount in your palm, wet it, and rub it together until it starts foaming. Then you just apply it to your face, lather, wash off. Simple. What I really love about this cleanser is that it is first off a foaming cleanser so it feels softer on my skin and fun to lather (yes I think that’s a pro.) It removes make up as well as dirt very thoroughly. This was not the case with the Aveeno Make Up removing cleanser that I had used previously. Now I don’t have to remove my make up with either a wipe or a make up remover and then wash my face with a cleanser. Now, it’s just one simple step, which I am totally digging (since I’m lazy.)

One of the draw backs I find, is after rinsing off the cleanser my skin feels tighter. Maybe I’m rinsing with water that’s too hot though, so I’ll try using lukewarm water from now on, just to make sure that’s not the problem. My skin does feel amazingly clean after using the cleanser. I just don’t like how it feels like someone pulled the skin on my face back just a bit. It usually goes away after using the toner though.

Softening Balancing toner: This is the toner in the white lucent line. There’s another toner, but since I had dry skin I wanted something that softened and hydrated my skin. This toner really does it! I can feel it working with just a simple swipe of the cotton pad. I can’t say there is a con to this toner. Maybe that it doesn’t really clean off surface dirt like I expected…but then again maybe it doesn’t clean off as much because the cleanser takes care of it! Haha. Anyway, I love the feel of this toner on my skin. It’s one of the best ones I’ve used (and believe me I try a different toner every month.)

Moisturizer: The White Lucent line has 2 different moisturizer. One for the day that includes SPF 15 and one for the night that does not. As far as these go, I think they work well with my skin. It is easily absorbed, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my skin that some of the other moisturizer have. I love how after putting it on I can go straight to putting on make up since the moisturizer doesn’t leave a feeling that I need to let it “sit” for a bit before applying makeup. But, considering the price, it’s not as outstanding as the other products. I like it personally since it feels good on my skin. But I think the Neutrogena face lotions will probably work just as well as this one. I will say Shiseido’s moisturizer are a bit thinner than Neutrogena’s. For me, that is a plus since I hate thick creamy moisturizer so the thinner the better. Some people suggest a gel moisturizer, but I’ve tried those and it didn’t work out so well for me.

Then finally, the purifying mask. This mask is actually not part of the White Lucent line, it is from their “The skin care” line. (haha THE skin care….sounds pretty ultimate.) This mask actually feels really good. It doesn’t feel “goopy” like the clean and clear clay masks are. It is easy to apply and it doesn’t over dry the skin like other clay masks I’ve tried. After the mask, my skin feels refreshed more than anything. I feel like my entire face got a lift since it feels really light and fresh. I think the mask was a great investment. It works really well if you have oily skin or prone to break outs. (I have an oily T zone and break out a lot around the hair-line.) It also really helps reduce redness around my nose. Again, like the moisturizer, while it is a good product there are others out there that do the same for a cheaper price. I personally think that it works wonders my face, but every face is different. Also, I think that there are probably cheaper decent clay masks that could get similar results as the Shiseido clay mask.

Well that’s my first beauty review! I hope you all enjoyed reading it and I’m sorry that this post was so long. I just wanted to share a beauty secret (well not really secret, opinion maybe) with everyone. I love reading about skin care since I think it’s really become important for people to feel their best with beautiful skin. Confidence comes from being comfortable. Beauty doesn’t have to be about looking to the nines all the time, but it does have with feeling like the nines all the time.

I would love to hear about other skin care regimes! products you love, products you hate, what you do as skin care!

Thank you for reading,

18 thoughts on “A Beauty Review: Shiseido White Lucent Skincare

    1. Hey! Thank you for reading, I appreciate the comments!

      Also, thank you for the link. It was an interesting blog to read, I enjoyed it a lot thank you.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I’m trying to keep up with more entries and updates. I just sometimes find it hard to write about something. So any suggestions on what you want me to write about would be appreciated!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my review.

      I would probably say no. The line is a bit harsh, the cleanser is pretty drying and I think it’s a bit harsh especially because at 20 your skin is pretty good at repairing itself I think this line would be a bit too harsh. The lotion that comes with this line is a bit run of the mill so I would save your money on that as well. If you wanted to try a Shiseido line, I would suggest the Pureness line. The softener works just as well as the Lucient line but the cleanser is much gentler and would work better on younger skin.

      Hopefully I answered your question!

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