Tokidoki and my boyfriend

Hello everyone!

So, with school winding down in the next 2 weeks…I have been crazy swamped with work. I’m really sorry I haven’t been updating my blog very often.

But I wanted to show everyone the great things I got this weekend! It was a really long week and I was looking forward to the weekend a lot. (And you know how you wait for something it takes FOREVER to arrive lol.) Well, I decided to go to Sephora for a little retail therapy. Don’t worry I was just impulse buying…I actually had planned on getting three things (and maybe a fourth…which I did get.) My boyfriend was nice enough to come with me and walk around with me. It was super fun (for me at least.)

So the three things I knew I was definitely getting were: the Tokidoki luminizer, A tokidoki lipgloss, and finally the Smashbox photofinish primer =D. The one thing I wasn’t sure I was getting was the Tokidoki kabuki brush, which I ended up getting anyways. Since all of this came to 100 dollars, I was able to get a free gift from Sephora. Out of everything they were giving out at the time, I picked the Sephora face primer sample. I’ll try to give you guys a review of all the products I bought…especially the Tokidoki stuff because let’s face it. I am OBSESSED with Tokidoki!

After going shopping for the make-up, I walked around the mall with my boyfriend. We finally checked out the new iPad everyone was raving about. Personally, I’m more excited about the new macbook pros that just came out. They look the same as the old ones, just a bit more memory and a faster processor. I don’t know if it’s worth the money, but I guess when (or if) I never need to replace my macbook, I’ll upgrade to the new macbook pro!

Other than that though, nothing much to report on. I’ll have a new blog up in a couple days. I’m sorry about the sporadic posting, it’s just school has really been eating up all my spare time!

Until next time,


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