My first attempt at….FFXIII

Hey readers!

So I finally got time to sit down and play some FFXIII. My brother had been monopolizing the PS3…so I had to wait and sneak attack the machine. Well, I finally did. And the reviews are in. I am not an avid gamer (that’s my brother.) I know a lot about games from him. The only game I personally know a lot about is probably Harvest Moon…yeah I’m awesome. So, remember that when reading this review.

First off, I was struck by the details of the game. It was so beautiful! Lightning…looks like a real person in the game. I was awestruck basically by the CG. The details are not over looked and the world they created is so amazing. When watching some of the videos in the game sometimes I forgot I was even playing a game. Yeah, that intense. It’s really pretty. Even the dark areas of the game look really pretty. So technical almost.

An aspect of the game I heard was a low was that you can only control one character. While this is true that you can only decide the moves for one character I don’t think it’s a draw back at all. With the fighting system set up as it is, I would go crazy trying to control the moves for each individual in my party. AI doesn’t play as well as a live person would…but it does better than I would. With each person doing a string of attacks, having to control that string of attacks, recalling what each person has, what each person’s role is in the group…it can easily get overwhelming. The way the game compensates for this lack of control is to create paradigms. You can assign roles to each party member (Therefore changing the abilities they know.) I think this is just as good, if not better, than being to control them yourself. But then again I just started and I’m not an avid gamer…so I probably find it easier to pick up this way. (Although FFIV on the DS…good times.)

Another aspect that I LOVE….the music. Hands down the music in this game is AMAZING! Every piece fits perfectly to the scene or area it is with. It makes it the world come to life for me. It even makes me want to learn to play it. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a while. It’s beautiful and it really does a great job setting the mood. If anything…I think the music makes the game. (People might disagree but again I’m not an avid gamer but I do love a good piece of instrumental/classical music.) Nobu Imatsu is….a genius.
The story line takes a while to pick up. And it sucks that initially the parties are set for you…but once you play past that you really begin to get into it. I think the game is set up pretty well for beginners to get a grasp of what’s going on. This may be a turn off for you hardcore FF fans. But if this is your first FF game…it’s a good place to start. It really sets things up…and takes things slow enough that you get a good handle of how to control paradigms and the battle system before they let you free rein it. I like this because I am a horrible gamer…I literally suck suck suck when it comes to RPGs (Ask my brother when he was watching me play KH…which reminds me KH for the PSP? Yes? Lol.)

Overall, I like the game. I’ll write again when I get a bit further….

Thanks for reading!

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