Hey my readers (and people accidentally stumbling on to my blog!)

This entry is going to be really short. But I wanted to spread the word about a site I recently discovered.

It’s called It is a site that people can go to and answer questions (such as english vocabulary or basic math) and for every question that you get right they will donate 10 grains of rice to a country in need. It’s so easy! (I’ve already donated 8380 grains of rice!) Yeah 10 grains doesn’t sound like a lot but it certainly adds up.

So, I encourage everyone to do it!

I also like the site because it helps people learn and it’s for a good cause. It will really help build your vocabulary as you try to answer more and more questions and the more you get correct, the harder it becomes. I really like it because its a challenge. I think this is beneficial because all you’re really doing is dedicating some time and brain power to get food to those that need it.

Next up, a blog about packing and finals…lol random I know.

Thanks for reading,


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