A Small Haul!

Hello my wonderful readers!

Today I wanted to branch out into some beauty stuff…don’t worry my next blog entry will be about awkward shopping experiences. I allowed myself to grace only 3 stores (and two for my brother) which is super good since I usually go buck wild when I haven’t shopped in awhile. I’m going to have pictures as well so you can see what I bought! OH, and for those that really care I’m putting a picture of myself up just so you can see what I bought looks like on me. (A first I know…lol!) And I’m sorry about the gloom it’s just raining here. (Which is weird since it rained yesterday and in CO We never get the same weather 2 days in a row…unheard of!)

I’ll first do my MAC stuff…since I hardly ever shop there I wanted to show what I got. I mostly got like basic everyday make-up kinda things. Didn’t want to go too extreme my few times shopping there.

First: Mineral Blush in Warm Soul

It’s a nice soft blush with hints of bronze, brown and pink. I like it because it’s not too much and it looks great. (Although it may not appear so in the picture since I look freakishly…over colored. I swear I don’t always look like that!)

Second: Lipstick in Viva Glam V

Ok, I finally gave into the hype and purchased this lipstick. I’m not going to lie…I love it. It’s a nice nude pink color that matches my lips almost perfectly. It adds the right amount of color without be like LIPS! lol. Plus it goes really well with my blush.

Finally: Concealer, Select Cover-Up in NC42

This is amazing concealer. When the MAC make up artist put it on me I was in love. Literally. It perfectly covers up all the acne scars I have as well as the redness around my nose. =D

Here’s a complete picture of how all three look on me. Any comments are appreciated on the look. (Note: How awkward do I look? LOL)

Next: We move on to Bath & Body Works.

I got three things of lip…product.

Going from left to right: Lip Gloss in Mango Mimosa, Lemon Lip Cream, and Lemon Pomegranate Lip Cream

All three of these are made my CO Bigelow. I’ve only tried theMentah Lipshine before…so I’m excited to try these three. But I’ve heard good things about the lip cream. The Mango Mimosa one smells really really good so I’m excited to use that during the summer (now that it’s suppose to be all sunny and beautiful out!) I’ll do a review on this later.

Finally from Sephora: Nail Strengthener (I know right? I get all this fun stuff from MAC and B&BW and then at Sephora…I get nail strengthener. I’m so adventurous!) I also got a small sample of the Urban Decay Make Up setting spray. I’m going to try it out for a couple days and quickly grab a bottle (if I like it) on Sunday.

Just to keep with the trend, I posted a picture of my nail strengthener.

Anyways, that’s all I got today. I will be busy packing for the next couple days for my trip to Virginia for 2 months. But don’t worry I’m going to post more regularly now!

Next post will be about how awkward I am at shopping (maybe some of you can relate?) lol. Look forward to it!

Thanks for reading,

4 thoughts on “A Small Haul!

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