Awkward Shopping

Hello all my lovely readers!

I’m a pretty awkward when it comes to shopping (Actually I’m pretty awkward when it comes to life now that I think about it.) Anyways, back to shopping. I wonder if anyone else feels like this…

I decided to try MAC make-up (as those of you who have read my haul know) but the only place close to me that sold MAC was Nordstroms. Most of you probably are thinking, “Oh cool just go get some.” Now me…being so weird…when I found out it was in there I had a mini panic attack. It’s because I am slightly incredibly intimated by expensive looking places.  Haha weird I know. I was with my brother and he said, “When you walk into this place…they can literally smell if you’re poor or not. That’s how they base their service…off your richness scent.” I had to laugh at this cause anyone who knows me knows that I do not look rich.

I smiled my best smile, took a giant breath and entered the store. Lucky for me the MAC counter was near the entrance I went in! The lady that helped me (Brittany) was very…upbeat and friendly. It took some of the edge off but I was still slightly awkward. She was like “what do you need?! -smile smile-” I replied, “….-quietly- ummmm concealer….and….um blush…oh and lipstick.” “OH! Cool. What colors?” “……not sure…”  I was quiet and slightly staring at the ground when I spoke. I felt so out-of-place there. She was probably thinking This girl is a quack! But in the end she helped me find the awesome concealer I was using and of course the blush and lipstick that I bought.

I guess when I go into a store that I’m not familiar with, I’m not sure how I should act. You know how some stores require…different etiquette than others. I just like knowing where the things I need tend to be at in a store. So when I go into a new store that I’m normally not in, I start feeling uneasy. It’s the same feeling I get when I enter a new class for the semester. I don’t know what to expect, or who to expect and so I get very quiet and tend to keep to myself and not really talk. I tend to do the same when I walk into a store that I don’t usually go into! I’m sure the sales people think I’m some suspicious person. Being small and asian and all! Lol. I just know it. But I can’t jut bring myself to openly talk to the sales person…I for some reason feel like I’m imposing myself on them. I know that it’s weird thinking that way, but I can’t help it! I just think they probably have other things to do and take care of so that’s why they can’t do things for me. It’s so weird to think that way, but that’s just how I am. So I just walk about trying to find what I need….sometimes I ask for help if I’m in a hurry or if after an hour I spent looking I can’t find it! Lol yeah that’s how it takes before I decide to elicit help from others around me. My brother thinks it’s hilarious, some of my friends find it annoying.

I guess that’s just the way I am. I am just an awkward person in stores.

Thanks for reading!


PS- I will be posting a new entry before the weekend is up! It’s about cleaning other people’s houses….lol!

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