Strange Attraction

Hello Interweb:

I think everyone who dates has this, there are things about a certain person that they find attractive. There are certain things that just stick out to you about a person that makes you want to grab them and kiss them fiercely (orrrrrr that’s just me. I’m a creeper like that.) I know I have a TON of weird things that attract me.

We’ll start physical and then move to personality because physical is always easier. The first thing I love about a person is broad shoulders. Absolutely broad shoulders make me smile. I mean arms…chest…nice to have but if a guy doesn’t have the shoulders I just don’t find him attractive. I just think it looks so manly and strong. I feel like broad shoulders can protect me…strange I know but that’s just how I think.

Next…hairy legs. Ok I know this is weird! But I can’t take a guy seriously if he has smooth legs! No matter the reason! (Sorry Swimmers…you have good bodies though!) I don’t know why, but just seeing a guy with smooth legs just makes me giggle…in a bad way. Which probably explains why I always thought Micheal Phelps wasn’t all that great. I mean don’t get me wrong, his accomplishments are very impressive. Just as a guy, I didn’t feel any attraction to him.

Next, teeth. I love love love love love white teeth! I’m obsessed! I can’t find a guy with gross yellow crooked teeth attractive. (Which is why I can never date a smoker…unless he’s a smoker that whitens his teeth a lot.) Lovely white teeth to me makes a guy look so attractive. I mean they don’t have to be perfectly straight (although that is preferable) but they have to look straight-ish. Which means no snaggle tooth. That is plain unacceptable. A gap is ok as long as I can’t see like into the mouth.

For personality… I like a guy who pouts slightly when he’s not getting the attention he wants. I know my boyfriend, he actually pouts when I give too much attention to my dog without sharing some of it with him. And since I’ve caught on to that…I definitely sneak peeks at him while snuggling my pups. He’s just too cute! I think I like it cause it’s fun to tease him….yeah I’m a little meanie like that. I also like it when a guy gets sound effects. I mean I do it all the time so it’s normal for me. But when I heard my boyfriend make “pew pew” noises I literally couldn’t believe it! It was so adorable! I just wanted to cover him with kisses I thought it was so fantastic. I then realized that it also made me really attracted him. He isn’t afraid to be dorky…in a way I can relate. Lol.

So those are what makes me attracted to my darling. What are some thing that attract you to a person?

Next time: My First Experience at Five Guys.

Thanks for reading,

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