My first encounter with Five Guys

Hello Blog readers!

So many of you have probably heard of the place, Five Guys. A delicious burger joint (PS- I’ve been meaning to put this up for 2 weeks and just haven’t had time…summer jobs are yuck.) I am pleased to say it was a rather…memorable experience.

A brief history: Five Guys actually started in Arlington, VA. (Some people (and by some people I mean my boyfriend) think it started in CA, but nope it’s VA…opposite coast!) It started with a family that had five sons…which is where the name came from. And the reason why every Five Guys has a box of peanuts at the door is because the youngest son was afraid people would get too anxious waiting the seven minutes it would take to get the food out. So the peanuts. Cool yeah? I learned this all from public television here in VA.

So anyways, back to my experience…

The sign was plain red and simply said FIVE GUYS. There wasn’t much else going on outside, a few tables and windows. It was set in a quiet shopping area, where it was easily lost to its surroundings of bright bold shops such as Shoppers, Target, Lowes, and even Borders. The small shops lining the square next to Five Guys arrayed from Panera to salons to game shops. Luckily, Five Guys was located on the corner so it was easy to spot…from the right area. Right across the lot from Borders, it made it difficult to see unless you happen to stumble across it or were going to buy an amazing book (which I suggest you do.)  From the outside, it was a tranquil quiet place.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the door was how loud it was. The shot of noise was a stark contrast to what I heard just seconds before pulling the door open. The decor inside was just like the outside, simple. Five Guys really does believe less is more and I couldn’t agree more with them. The simple white and red tile covered the floor, the ceiling bare except for a few hanging lights. The peanuts were stationed conveniently next to the door.

            I walked up the counter a little bit nervous as I looked at the menu…it was all text. No tantalizing pictures of juicy goodness like you see at McDonald’s or Taco Bell. I guess the food spoke for itself. I ordered the little bacon cheese burger, fries, and a drink. On my burger, I put the usual lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo and mustard…what I didn’t realize at the time was that I could just say “the works” and they would have put all that on for me!! Amazing? Yeah I thought so too.

            I saw down at a table and took in the environment. The hustle and bustle of the workers behind the counter, the constant chatter of those eating all around. The noise was only cut by the shouting when an order was ready. It was fantastic. I never felt awkward being in there alone since there were plenty of people sitting at a table enjoying a meal alone.

            The food arrived in a simple brown bag. I looked inside to see…fries. There were so many fries in my bag I couldn’t even see my burger. Digging through the hot fresh fries, I saw the glint of the aluminum wrapper around my burger. When I unwrapped the burger, it was massive! I think it looked bigger than it was because everything was so fresh and not lying down all limp and gross. It looked delicious too. So I couldn’t really stop myself. The first bite was the best. A mixture of the nice warm burger patty mixed the crisp taste of fresh onions, lettuce, and tomato slices. It was the perfect balance of hearty meaty goodness and light refreshing vegetation! I also enjoyed how the condiments didn’t overwhelm the taste of the burger. The bacon slices were crisp and complimented the burger nicely. I think I mostly remember it being crisp.

            I’ve had burgers before…but most good burgers I’ve had were home-made. So eating a burger that tasted this delicious that was from a chain, really blew my mind. I’m not a big burger girl (I’m asian come on) so finding a place like Five Guys was really something for me. I have been back three times since my first experience. I know I’m addicted! But I try not to eat it too much since I know it’s probably not too good for me. But I just don’t understand how something so good, could be bad for me! (haha I know bad line…)

            Well I hope you all enjoyed reading about my first Five Guys trip and I’m really sorry about the lack of blog entries. This whole being in VA without daily access to the internet is basically killing me!

I’ll definitely try to update again. The post? I’m not sure…maybe a review on a recent trilogy I’ve fallen in love with…or another beauty review. Or a ramble…so look forward to it guys!

As always, thanks for reading,

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