Cleaning, you suck.

Hello all my readers!

Have you ever been in someone’s house and…it just doesn’t look right to you? Like something is wrong about the room…and you realize you want to clean it? Then you’re stuck in this dilemma cause we all know we hate it when someone else cleans our stuff. They NEVER put things in the right place and even worst…when they clean, they think they’ve actually improved the room (when in reality, they just misplaced all your stuff…)

But, have you ever found yourself on the other side thinking that you can dramatically improve the room by just cleaning up a little? In that moment, I face the problem of becoming the person I so vehemently hate simply because the room needs to be cleaned! I risk being that person who misplace a bunch of things in the name of “cleaning.” But worse still is that I am completely stuck…cause if I do not clean the room then it will forever bother me. But if I clean it, it will bother me still. So either way I am going to be bothered by it.

To compensate I think, “Well if I clean it and put everything back in the general place they’re suppose to be…I can’t be all that bad right?” Yet what usually happens when I start cleaning is I start putting things where I think they will be better placed (and I’m usually right to myself and wrong to the other person…) I forget that I’m suppose to only be cleaning up the room not re-arranging it. So I start out with decent intent…and end up being that annoying person.

For some reason, I noticed this usually centers around two rooms in the house, the kitchen and the bathroom. For some reason no one ever complains about any room other than the bathroom and the kitchen. My thinking is that you can’t exactly tell a person how to arrange his/her bedroom…it’s his/her bedroom so he/she should be allowed to arrange it to his/her liking. Outsiders have no say in it. But the bathroom and the kitchen are semi-public to guests. Every guest will frequent the bathroom and kitchen…especially if they are staying over. The more they frequent a place, for longer, the stronger the urge becomes.

To compromise this, I usually think about cleaning the room without actually cleaning it. This way at least I feel somewhat better since I will constantly be like, “Ah this needs to be wiped down…” but I know I won’t cause I’ll get carried away and completely rearrange the bathroom to my liking. It starts as a quick clean and ends up taking all day and at the end I am completely satisfied while other person thanks me and makes a mental note to change it back once I leave. I know how it goes…I probably do the same thing when other people clean my stuff. The stiff awkward smile and a mumbled thanks are all I get for my hours of labor. I can’t be all that surprised, since I have probably caused them a lot of work as well for changing their kitchen to my liking.

I guess I’m wondering if anyone else feels like this? Do you clean someone else’s house but freak when someone tries to clean yours?

Next time, Jealousy: Deadly?

Thanks for reading,


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