Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, and stumblers,

Today, I wanted to branch out to something different from my usual rambles about nothing (or beauty…) Posting 2 days in a row must be throwing everyone off since I usually post sporadically (for which I sincerely apologize.)

In this post, I am going to talk about a book I read recently called The Mysterious Benedict Society. The book focuses on a group of four children that have their individual gifts and talents. They must work together to stop evil from taking over (isn’t that what all books are about?) I don’t want to focus on plot too much because I don’t want to give anything away. My description makes it sound boring anyways.

My reaction to the book was mild interest at first. I simply thought it was be a decent time killer…I never expected to fall in love with the book. It took the book all of one chapter to get me hooked to the point where I was struggling to put it down. It was refreshingly different from any other book I’ve read. My cousin said it reminded her of The Series of Unfortunate Events. To this statement, I agree only to the point that it makes you want to read the book without putting it down like the Series of Unfortunate Events. But unlike the Series of Unfortunate Events, there isn’t as much dark humor and it’s not as bleak either.

The children in the story must solve many puzzles. The author makes this enjoyable by allowing the reader to also join in on the puzzle solving by offering the puzzle to the reader before the children solve it. I thought this was a great way to engage the reader because I found myself trying to connect the dots before turning the page.

To sum up my joy with the book, I’ve read it three times since I first picked it up about two months ago. I truly think it’s a book anyone of any age can enjoy.

To my readers, are there any books you can read again and again without tiring of? Or have you ever read a book and knew it would be one of your all time favorites? I’d love to hear from you guys!

Up next: Studying for the DATs…what could be worse?

Until Next Time,

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