Nook Nooky!

Hi Readers!

Lately, technology has been improving by leaps and bounds (3-D TV anyone?) I find myself struggling to keep up. I can barely get my mac to allow me to play solitaire.

But…I decided to join the tech savy people. I bought a Nook for myself. Now most people might be thinking, “Now why would you get a Nook when you already have a laptop?” or “Why not get an iPad?” Well to the first and second question it is because I love reading. I hate reading on my laptop and on the iPad due to the backlight. I have horrible eyesight as it is, I don’t need to be straining my eyes anymore by reading on it. The Nook is more like reading a book. I need a light above me to read. At first it was a little awkward to read…it didn’t feel very book-like (I think it was because it lacked the “new book” smell.) After reading with it for a couple of days, the Nook began to feel like a book to me.

I personally love the Nook because it is specifically geared towards book reading with a massive selection of e-books thanks to Barnes and Nobles! I prefer it over the iPad because the nook is made mostly for people to read on, not do a million and one things on. It’s also nice because I can make the font slightly bigger. Since I am extremely near-sighted, the larger fonts makes it easier for me to read without having the book 6 inches from my face. It also comes with a little touchpad area at the bottom. While it’s cool for a touchpad I think it’s a downside to the nook. Touchpads (as any phone user knows) eats up the battery like it’s no one’s business. I think it looks good, but in all honesty it’s just a waste. It makes scrolling through the books more tedious and playing Sudoku take a long time. Forget surfing the net, it takes too long and is way too difficult to navigate.

The only easy thing to do on the Nook (aside from reading) is buying new books. I admit, Barnes and Nobles thought through the whole shopping from your Nook. It can be a little hard to search for things, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad.

Overall, I love my new Nook. I think it was a good investment. I just hope some of my textbooks come in ebook format so that I can put it on my nook! lol

Next time: The books I recently read and love.

I’m on a nerdy streak right now. I’m sorry. I might add something about fashion so that some of my readers won’t check out since I can be pretty boring. Lol

Oh and have fun playing Starcraft 2 for all of my readers that play it!

Thanks for stopping by,

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