Books, Puzzles, and Pups

Hi all my lovely readers,

So lately, I have been meaning to post an entry about my lovely books I’ve been reading…but I just got distracted.
As some of you may know, I have been pouring a lot of my time and energy into studying for my DATs. But that’s not what’s eating up my time.

My mom recently came back from a month-long trip (where she was secretly trying to abandon me I’m sure…) But once she got back, she immediately set into gear 2 things. A massive summer cleaning of our house before school starts. When I say massive I mean I think we cleaned out every room, re-organized it, and replaced a lot of things in every room but three in the house. Plus we did a lot of fixing work for the bathrooms. (I replaced my first showerhead…I’m so excited about that.) The second thing my mom did was bring home I think 8 plants. So now we have an indoor garden. She brought back some Vietnamese plants that we can’t get where we live (Oh mile high…) and now she’s growing them. Now my tomato plants won’t be lonely!! My brother started growing some watermelon and we picked up some bell pepper and green bean seeds as well. So we’re growing a lot of things in the house right now! Which is awesome, since I think it’s great to grow your own food.

The next pet project my mom has set out for us that hasn’t been started yet is turning one of the rooms we have into a mini green house, or at least a plant “area.” My mom is going to buy some plastic mats to place the pots on. I’m going to fashion on of our lamps into a light gardening lamp. So that’s next on the agenda for the Phan plants lol.

Next, the second reason I have been quite drawn away from my books is because I purchased a game on my DS. I got Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It’s the first one and no it’s not my first time playing it. But I figured my brother would like to have his own game back so I got one for myself so that I wouldn’t be stealing all his games and he would hate me. But it’s a really good game for those that love puzzles and brain teasers. I am trying to get through this one kinda fast so that I can play the second one before the third one comes out! (Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with Professor Layton. I just think it’s an awesome game!!!)

The the final distraction I have are my two pups. Lately I think they’ve begun to recognize that I am going back to school soon. So they are getting a bit restless and are in dire need of attention for some reason or another. Ester (the big German Shepherd looking brat) has been having gas….and I’m not sure if you guys know this…but a dog’s fart is VILE. More vile than anything I have every smelt from a human. She also is having problems with being alone. So I have been putting some effort into getting her to like being alone at least for a few hours. It’s a long process and it’s quite hard. But at least after a few weeks, ester is finally willing to get into her kennel by herself.

Yume is a bit better. But she seems to randomly get into these moods where she needs to be by us. I feel really bad for her because I know she just wants to play. So I’ve been trying to give her an hour a day where I play fetch with her. I think fetch is the single greatest game invented for people like me. I just have to throw a ball and she brings it back to me!!! Glorious.

But after all that is said and done, I keep letting my blog slip!! It makes me feel so bad because I actually really enjoy writing posts for you guys.

So next time, (hopefully) it will be about some amazing books!! On my Nook!

Untill then,

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