Books I have started and planning on finishing…eventually.

Hey readers,

So I finally took a break from studying to post this. After work lol.

Recently I haven’t been reading as much as I would like. But I have started a few books that I plan on eventually finishing when I get the time. I think right now it’s only three but I have started as many as 5 books before finishing them lol. I am just going to put the reason why I am struggling to finish or keep reading a book. A review and quick synopsis will probably come after I finished the book.

If you guys have read or are planning to read any of the following books let me know what you think with a comment! I’d love to hear your opinion on the books. What you like; what you don’t like; if you would read another book written by the author; any random thoughts.

Book 1: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Steig Larsson: Ok so the first book got me hooked. But I’m a little afraid to finish the second book because it’s so intense and I just started the book!! I am kind of afraid to finish this because I don’t know if I can handle an even more intense ending than what happened in the first. From what I’ve heard, the ending to the second book is INTENSE! (Yes, so intense I need capital letters.) So, I thought I would buy my time reading that book by reading a lighter book in between.

Book 2: Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford: This book came as a recommendation from my brother. He says the series is really good and I usually believe him since we tend to like similar books. So I thought I would give this book a try. I am currently in chapter 2 and bored out of my mind! My brother warned me that the book was slow to start but once it really got into the story it would be fantastical. I’m struggling to get into this book simply because I hate books that take forever setting up the stage! But then again the first chapter was really intense and well written and then chapter two just kind of falls off and gets really boring and you wonder, “What the hell? The first 15 pages were full of WIN! And now…it’s full of WTF mate?” So I am going to keep trying to finish the book to see if my brother was right or if I should slap him for wasting my time.

Book 3: Fire by Kristin Cashore. This one is actually pretty interesting. The beginning gave me mini nightmares but after that…and a complete change in character focus I am getting into the book. At some parts I find it confusing or even boring. But for the most part, the book keeps a pretty good pace and I’m sure I will finish this book soon! (So be on the look out for a book review!!)

Those are all the books I am currently reading. I am planning on starting Old Path White Cloud (Yeah ANOTHER book!)  due to my mom’s constant recommendation that I read it. I am looking forward to starting that one.

If you guys have any recommendations for me (Especially if they are similar to the Series of Unfortunate Events, The Mysterious Benedict Society, or Shiver) I am more than willing to look into it! I love reading.

Next Time: HAUL! (A bit late…but still….lol)

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3 thoughts on “Books I have started and planning on finishing…eventually.

  1. I’ve watched the girl with a dragoon tatto, and had reviewed it in my blog too, after watching it…I really want to read it. My friend bought it recently. I will borrow it one day 🙂

    A book about samurai and the code of warriors written by a non Japanese author? hmm that is something I wouldn’t pick easily. I would rather try finding something written by real Japanese who knows this thing more than any western authors

    1. I thought the movie did a pretty good job with following the book, a few minor differences and a couple noticeable differences. But Tell me what you think of the book once you read it! I would love to hear what you think.

      And for the second comment, I agree as well. It does seem a little odd, but the story line is about an English boy learning the way of the samurai (Did I just sound like a really cheesey movie or what?) So, I think the author did quite a lot of studying in Japan and in a way can relate to the main character of his story. I still haven’t finished it yet so take my word with a grain of salt!!

  2. I will definitely review the book if I had read it. It’ll be able to read it few months from now because I have more than 20 bokks in my current TBR list.

    Ah…I see! it reminds me of Karate Kid.

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