Guilty Pleasure?

Hey readers!

YIKES! Long time no see! School just started so of course I have been so busy I thought I could die….which I might be.

But I just wanted to do one of my normal random rants. I was talking to my boyfriend. It was our usual serious + joking flow. On my table there sits two boxes, one of chocolate chip cookies and the other oreos. Cause we are healthy like that. But while we were talking, his hand kept sneaking over to my oreos and then my cookies. I finally laughed and mentioned it to him. His response was that I probably did the same, since sweets are my guilty pleasure.

I asked him if it was the same as say touching yourself, a guilty pleasure. He said, no that was just pleasure. But it brought on the topic of what is the difference between a pleasure and a guilty pleasure? I always thought a guilty pleasure was something that you knew was bad for you but you enjoyed it anyways. My boyfriend said a guilty pleasure was something you liked but didn’t want others to know about.

I guess a part of me could see it his way. Since a lot of people call certain TV shows their guilty pleasures. Are they ashamed to watch it? But find they enjoy watching that show very much? Maybe they secretly love drama but don’t want to admit it to others they find catty-ness  tv personalities amusing?

I always thought that perhaps a tv show is a guilty pleasure because you are wasting your time watching something that makes you feel annoyed yet you love it. It was like that for me when I watched a few episodes of Laguna Beach. I’d be annoyed yet drawn in…until my annoyance took over and then I was no longer drawn in. I thought this was a guilty pleasure…it is bad to watch something that makes you angry right? Same with eating cookies and chocolates!

So what do you guys think? What is a guilty pleasure?

On a side note: If you guys want to know anything about me or want me to write about something just leave me a comment below!

Thanks as always,

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