Something I will never understand

Hey blogging world,

Today, I wanted to rant about something I will never understand…why people feel the need to be so negative on the internet? I will never get why if people don’t like something they feel the need to bring it down and bring in all this negativity. Isn’t it just a waste of time and precious energy that you could be spending on doing something you like?

A perfect example would be YouTube, where I am convinced the idiots come meet the destructively negative and procreate. On any video, especially popular videos, you probably can’t go past one page without one person either bashing another comment or bashing the person in the video. I don’t get it. Really, is your life so pathetic and pointless that you have to bring someone else down just to make yourself feel smarter? Does the protection of the screen make you feel like you can say whatever you think you have the right to say, regardless of how ignorant or really quite stupid it makes you look?

People use the internet to spread information, entertainment, ideas, and just share yourself. But some people find that for some reason or another they have nothing better to do than be rude and despicable to people they don’t know. For some reason, not knowing someone makes it ok to talk to him or her like she/he is a moron? For some reason, the less you know about someone the more reason it is to treat the person like crap. Yes, it is true that one shouldn’t get upset over negative comments. But at the same time, if someone shouldn’t get upset by what someone else types through a screen…shouldn’t the person typing rude comments check him/herself? Or is that person’s goals and aspirations to be the biggest douchebag on the internet?

Some people make me wonder. The ones that make me wonder the most are those that have nothing better to do than prowl the internet to put someone else down simply because he/she has nothing better going on in his/her life. Invest your hate into a productive past time. Trust me, it’ll make you feel better than trashing someone via “reply.” (And you’ll have something worth while to look back on.)

WHEW. That was a lot. Thanks for listening guys!

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Something I will never understand

  1. I share your thought here.

    I recently got this hate comments in youtube. I was saying that ‘Cillian Murphy is too cute for his own good’ and then someone just showed up and say ‘Gay!!’

    I reply back saying ‘Cillian is not gay’ and he said ‘I’m saying your gay’ and laughed because I’m a woman and Cillian is a man, how could that be gay. and he replied back saying ‘Gay is not just for homosexual, gay can also means swearing and bla bla bla’

    I really don’t understand why he said things like that just to annoy people.

    Ups…I’m writing too much here, sort of using your post to ramble on. Sorry

    1. lol No I understand. I don’t get what is so fun about being so negative. I would find my life a much drearier place if I was just mean to everyone that differed in opinions. I also have a pet peeve about people using the word “gay” to describe someone expressing an opinion they don’t agree with. But that’s just me.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by it though! And thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have made my week.

  2. Since when did gay become a swearing word anyway?

    I’ve come across some blogs that write negative opinion on movies or books I like, however I enjoy reading those review because I find them as honest negativity.

    As for hate comments for no reason, those are the ones that really get on my nerve.

    No thanks needed 🙂 I love blogwalking and it’s always fun to find interesting blogs such as yours. I wil, for sure, l stop by once in a while 🙂

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