End of the week break!

Hello reader,

It is FINALLY the end of the week (for me at least.) After a long and exhausting week of school, I finally got time to write in my blog. I’m sorry the number of entries I can do is now down to about 2 a week. I really wish I had time to write more but I don’t (although I might have time later in the semester.) For this weekend, I am going to be swamped like every other weekend. Buttttttttt this weekend is special because it’s the weekend before my birthday. Hopefully it’ll be a good weekend.

This entry I thought I would cheat a little on my fiction workshop class. We are talking about fiction characters this week. I guess I wanted your guys’ opinion on what makes a great character. It can be any character of your choosing. I just wanted your opinion on what makes you love (or hate) a character.

For me personally, I love characters that have flaws or villains with quirky personality traits. A great example of a good villian to me is Count Olaf from the Series of Unfortunate Events. In the series, he is the main “bad guy.” He’s greedy, arrogant, egotisitical, self-centered, vile, sneaky, dirty, and hilarious. He is the embodiment of greed yet you cannot hate him because in all his greed he is cunning and very very funny. The costumes he sets up, the different characters he takes on, and the hilarity of what he does to fufill his greedy desires makes him so bad I like him. He is a very cunning man, which would make him a great hero or a wonderful villian. Then, at times you see that he is also humane. He’s not just pure darkness, he has dimensions to him and I really like that in a character.

A “good” character that I love is Ian O’Shea from The Host by Stephenie Meyers. Now Meyers is not my favorite author at all, in fact I can say I did not enjoy the Twilight Series in the least. I read it just so that I can whole heartedly say I have read it and disliked it. But The host on the other hand is one of my all time favorite books. I’ve read it over 7 times and I love it (thinking about it right now makes me want to go read it. -_- ) Ian O’Shea plays a love interest in The Host. He starts off as very…antagonistic to the main character. He is violent and initially lashes out very angrily. But as the book goes on, he softens and begins to accept something that he would have found revolting earlier. This transformation to me was very real. It was almost like watching someone I know change and learn about something they were scared of before. I felt a real connection to the character. He was almost like someone I wish I could meet (although I know he’s not real oh sad day.) But, I think it is much harder for me to pinpoint what about O’Shea I liked. I just kind of liked the feeling of reading about him and reading about how his ideals and thoughts and beliefs about what he thought were true were changed when he took the time to really look and know about what he was scared of. I wish more people in the world would try this.

But, as we all know there are more to books than just the main characters. There are supporting characters, like supporting actresses and actors, that can be just as important as the main characters. Sometimes, they are even more likable than the main characters. I’m sure we’ve all read a book or two where there was a character we latched on to, recognized, liked, or just wanted to know more about and never got it. It sucks, but at the same time, it helps build a story. For me, my all time favorite side character would have to be Gleep from the MYTH series. Gleep is the dragon that is the pet of the main character. There is only one story ever told from Gleep’s POV, but even when he is not telling the story he is so darn cute. He acts rather like a large rambunctious dog. But you find out he is actually quite intelligent. Gleep is usually missing from the action but he is a wonderful character. It’s hard to describe him because you really have to read the series to understand the greatness of that character lol.

Well, those are all the characters I can think of off the top of my head. If you can think of other character types let me know and let me know what kind of characters you love. What characters make you cringe and want to stop reading, has a character ever stopped you from finishing a book just because you couldn’t stand the character anymore?

Thanks for reading as always,

PS- My next entry will most likely be a weekend adventure entry. So be on the look out. Or maybe a favorite products of the month entry?

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