Birthday Goodies?

Hello Everyone,

So, last week was my birthday and although it fell on a weekday, I still got some incredible stuff for my birthday! I just wanted to share the happiness with you all because I think what I got for my birthday might inspire some gift ideas? lol hopefully…

First and foremost, I got so many birthday wishes from people. That made me so happy that so many people were wishing me happy birthday (Thanks Facebook haha!)

Next, my pups decided to give me some love on my birthday…and by love I meant they let me take pictures of them. Which I do usually, but on special occasions I happen to be more obnoxious than normal.

This is ester smiling…”smiling” for the camera. The flash scared her so she closed her eyes. But she’s so cute!! I love her. She gave me kisses for my birthday!

And here is Yume. She was hiding because my brother was cooking. She wasn’t as loving on my birthday but she’s cute so I forgive her…for now.

My brother didn’t get me a present for my birthday. Sad right? lol, he made it up though. He decided that he would cook me dinner on my birthday! Which he totally did!! I was so excited. Now my brother doesn’t cook very often…actually he rarely cooks. Usually my mom or I am cooking for him, so it’s a treat when he makes dinner. I’m not a big meat-eater (my favorite foods are salads and pickles) but I absolutely adore my brother’s steaks. He seasons them just right and cooks them just the way I love. Therefore, his steaks on my birthday was the perfect gift!

Here he is seasoning my steak! (Or was my steak the one already cooking? haha I forget)

Lol, ok so I first have to apologize for this picture but it was the only one I took of the finished product. It is a picture of the half eaten steak he cooked me!! It was delicious and the perfect way to end my birthday night! I ate probably 3/4 of the steak and had the rest for lunch (waste not want not right?) It made me really happy that he cooked for me.

Speaking of delicious edible goodies…my mommy got me the best cake from my favorite bakery. Well second best, since she got me a mocha cake. My favorite cake is lemon. That’s another thing about me, I love sour. That’s why when I eat salads, I always use vinaigrette dressings (I actually hate ranch on my salads…but I love it with celery and carrot sticks!) So back to the cake…

This is the name of the bakery it came from. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS!

This is the cake itself. Doesn’t it look so pretty!!! It was so pretty I didn’t want to cut it. Even though I took a picture of it. I am so weird.

But that’s not all my mommy got me from Andre’s….

She bought me 2 of my favorite tarts! Guess which one they are! (Hint: it’s yellow.) Yup! Lemon Tarts. The strawberry ones were for my brother. Those were his favorites and she didn’t want him to feel neglected.

If that wasn’t enough my mommy spoiled me even more:

She bought me some cute gray boots from Blowfish. I absolutely love them! They’re really casual yet cute at the same time. I think it’s so wonderful because it’s perfectly my style. I can wear them all day and my feet don’t hurt! It’s amazing. lol. Oh and I have discovered my feet smaller than a size 6, but here in the US I can’t really get smaller. So I have to put insoles in all of my shoes that aren’t tennis shoes.

The green purse I picked out and she bought for me. I love the purse. It’s a great mint green color. It’s bright enough that you can add color to any outfit but not too bright that if you wear say a yellow shirt you’ll look like a skittles bag bright. It really goes well with all my clothes.

Next…my uncle’s AMAZING present. So one of my secret loves (that’s not secret at all) is Tokidoki. I absolutely LOVE tokidoki. I think it’s wonderful because it’s cute, bright, unique. For those of you that love Harajuku Lovers, Kid Robot, or maybe even Ed Hardy (although it’s cute not edgey like Ed Hardy) then Tokidoki is a good line for you guys to check out.

My uncle got me the Felicia Hobo Bag in the Americana print. The bag….is HUGE! I could fit sooo much in it. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a BAD idea. I put like my life into my bag. So it will probably be quite heavy. I also like the print because it’s gray but with so much color too it. This will be the fourth Tokidoki bag I own.

It also came with a catalog for the fall and two stickers. I am going to save the stickers. Cause I am secretly a hoarder. Not that bad, but kinda…lol.

That’s all the presents I got…for now. My boyfriend still has to get me a present. So I’m trying to look forward to that. he’s taking me out to dinner so I will take a lot of pictures and let you guys know how my wonderful dinner goes. To many of you it’s not a big deal, but to me it’s a HUGE deal. It’s because I am busy with school and he’s busy with work so we hardly ever go out. So when there’s a chance, I get so excited. I already have my outfit planned out…I’m such a nerd.

Another thing I must ask, do you guys like the pictures? or should I just stop? Let me know!!

Until Next Time!

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