A Marvelous MAC Make Over!

Hey everyone!!

Wow I’m posting two days in a row. I’m sure I’m scaring all my readers now. Throwing them for a loop eh?! lol. Anyways, I wanted to share something with all of you guys! So one of my friends set me up an appointment with a make up artist today. He worked for MAC and was the sweetest guy ever! I’ve gotten make overs and stuff before…but this time I really felt like he was trying to teach me to do make up instead of just throwing a bit of lipstick on me and going “DONE!”

So when I first got there he asked me about what I wanted and I told, bright blush. I wanted to learn how to wear bright blushes without looking crazy. I am usually a neutrals kinda girl (as you guys can probably tell already.) But I really think bright blushes are GORGEOUS! I mean really, I love bright colors I just never thought that it would be good on my face you know? So anyways, Raphael (that’s the wonderful make up artist’s name) taught me how to pull off a beautiful daytime smokey look. He really worked with my skin tone and eye shape and best of all TAUGHT me how to do the look myself and what kinds of colors I should be using. I’ll post the picture and if you guys like it, maybe I’ll do another post telling you the secret I learned today. Keep in mind, since I am asian with a monolid, It will probably be easier for monolids to work with it. But I think it’s a wonderful look for anyone really!

Then next he brought it a wonderful pop of color to my lips and cheeks!! On my cheeks he put a beautiful coral pink color with a hint of orange. It’s so pretty! (I’m posting pictures at the end of the rant so that you can see the finished look as well as the lip and cheek products I bought.) The cheek color is called Bite of An Apple and it’s from MACs Venomous Villians collection. OH, that is another thing I am super excited about since I absolutely adore Disney I think this collection is just fabulous! Raphael taught me how to wear a bright blush for the daytime. You just tap some powder foundation on to your brush and then grab some blush on the same brush and put it on the apples of your cheeks pulling it back towards your temples. Then if you want it slightly brighter lightly tap the blush on to your brush and blend it on the apples of your cheeks! Neat trick right?

Next, he put a bright lipgloss on me. Since it’s a gloss it’s a light yet bright pigmented gloss. It’s a lot lighter and softer than lipstick but it’s good for me because I tend to not wear a lot of lipstick. The lipgloss he put on me was also from the Venomous Villains collection called strange potion.

That was all, but I felt so pretty afterwards!

(SideNote: Sorry about my dog’s neck being in most of the pictures. She was very curious about what I was doing and was trying to investigate.)

Here is the finished look. Unfortunately the camera kind of killed the cheek color. But don’t worry I have another picture coming up of the blush itself so you guys can see what it looks like!

This is the box of the blush. For some reason my camera flips it….oh and see my creepy ass dog?

This is the case of the blush!! Isn’t it just so cool?! Although Snow White isn’t my favorite I still think the casing of the blush is amazing! I love it so much.

This is what the blush actually looks like. The picture makes it look darker than it is. And look….my creepy dog is STILL there!

This is the picture of the lipgloss boxing. The venomous villians is a sleeve over the real box of the lipgloss.

This is the actual lipgloss. The color itself is hard to see. But I love the evil queen on the casing. It makes me feel awesome. The color of the lipgloss is a bright coral color. It matches the blush very well I think. I think it’s so pretty! Damn you MAC for being so sly about your collections. I can’t resist Disney anymore than I can resist Hello Kitty…..

These next two pictures are not make-up related. But they are shopping related. I have a small obsession with Hello Kitty and Vinyl toys. And by small I mean massive almost all-consuming obsession. So after my make up session I wandered over to Urban Decay to check out the vinyl toys they had….low and behold…

They had a Hello Kitty blind box…I had to grab one. This is the one I got. It says…Kenya on the bottom. So….I’m not sure but it’s cute.

Next is Kidrobot. For all of you out there that know me I love Tokidoki. Kidrobot is similar to tokidoki without the japanese animated-eque look. For any of you that have seen the “Munny” vinyl toys that’s kidrobot. They had the small blind box so I bought one.

I GOT THE ANGEL! lol. I bought another one for my brother. He didn’t have my luck though. The angel is?/?? so it’s either really rare or really common. I’m not sure yet but I will go with rare to make myself feel better.

Tokidoki teamed up with Marvel. Kidrobot teamed up with The Simpsons. Not sure which one is more awesomeness…but I bought my brother a kidrobot x The Simpsons Vinyl toy and he got Bart. It’s actually pretty awesome. I like it alot. I’ll probably buy him more…just cause I’m weird like that I like blind box.

That’s all I really had for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my little escapade! It doesn’t happen often but it’s fun!

Until next time,

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