What? 2 years?!

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to do a quick update and let you all know…

I have offically been with my boyfriend for two years on November 1st, 2010! I’m really excited. We are going to celebrate this weekend since last weekend was Halloween and all. It was a rough road but we’re happy together. I thought I would share this with all my lovely readers.

I should at least share how we met right? haha sit down you’re in for a fun ride I promise.

IT was October 26th, 2008. I was running late to a friend’s birthday party. I arrived and there was a spot open right across from my friend and next to a cute Korean boy. I sat down and greeted my friend before turning to introduce myself to the boy next to me. He said all of one word to me, “Hi.” That was it. For the rest of the night. Nothing else. Yeah….

Well I didn’t mind since I was there for my friend. We were talking and eating. The food I remember was ok but not worth the price I paid for it. But I had fun talking to everyone. For some reason my legs kept going numb so I was shifting around alot. I kept kicking what I thought was the table leg in my shifting around. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I sit still for too long my legs go really tingly numb and it bothers me. After dinner we headed back to her house to hang out and watch a few movies since it was approaching halloween. We popped in Hocus Pocus (a great movie by the way.) I sat in a little seat by myself since no one wanted to sit next to me. Sadness I know. I actually strategically sat across from the cute Korean boy (who is Chase for those of you who haven’t caught on yet…) I kept glancing over at him but he didn’t seem to even notice! He was too busy in conversation with my friend’s boyfriend.

Well we went home…nothing. No other word was exchanged between us. It should have ended there. But later I went out to dinner with my friend and her boyfriend before he went back to VA. We got to talking and Chase was brought up again. It was funny. Eventually my friend took the hint that I was interested and took matters into her own hands. Quite literally. She basically talked to him and asked him what he thought of me. (I know…so subtle right?) Everything he said was of course reported back to me. Lol and by the end of the night he had promised to call me wednesday or Friday….lol what odd days he picked.

Wednesday finally rolled around, he called. We talked for a couple hours. It was fun. We really just had a nice conversation. Eventually he agreed to come pick me up after class so we could talk in person.

There are PLENTY more stories. So every month I might just write a story about my boyfriend and me. Would you guys like that?

Thanks for reading and hopefully wishing me well in my relationship!


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