A Book Review: The Lost Hero

Hello blog readers,

Today, I am going to write a small review on the book The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. For those of you who don’t know, he is also the author of the Percy Jackson series that was made into a movie recently. (I could review the movie…but I’ll do that in another post…if I feel like watching the movie again.) Anyways, back on topic.

The Lost Hero is branch off of the Percy Jackson series. The cast changed from the Percy Jackson books. The book focuses on a trio like before. But instead of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover- it is now Jason, Piper, and Leo. Jason the main boy has lost his memory. Piper is misted (or confused) to think that she had been dating Jason when she had only just met him. Leo has known them both for a long time and has magical fingers to build almost anything. They are, as you probably suspected, demigods. The godly parent of Leo is pretty obvious from the beginning. Piper’s isn’t as obvious but after hearing about her father you have a strong inclination. The last one, Jason, well you don’t really find out directly who his godly parent is but it becomes obvious.

As for characters, I kind of like Annabeth more than I like Piper. But I have to admit that Piper is also a great heroine. She was spunky and head strong. Although I kind of disliked that she was all into Jason…I figured that she would at least be like “Oh it was all a lie…cool.” instead she becomes partially obsessed with him. It’s a little annoying but her bravery makes up for it.

By far my favorite character in the book is Leo. He’s actually brave even though he struggles to be it. He really  is cunning and the things he are able to do is kind of amazing. I really like his character. He definitely is the comedic relief in the book. While struggling with his own troubles, Leo is still able to make every dramatic situation funny at least.

The storyline is true to the style of Rick Riordan. It has a nice balance of comedy and action as well as background information. It’s really easy to read without feeling overwhelmed or that it is too easy. It’s a nice book to read on a weekend when you just want to relax without thinking too much.

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