I’m not dead…not yet anyways.

Hello weblog world,

I just wanted to do an update entry (I seem to be doing a lot of these) since I’ve been away for almost a month now. I know that it looks bad but with the heavy load at school this semester I just found it hard to work in blog entries (at least good ones that I want in my blog.)

I wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been doing. Over thanksgiving I had a lot of family home (my uncle, his girlfriend, my other uncle and his family, my aunt and her family…which totaled to 15 people in my house Thanksgiving week.) It was fun since we were just hanging out. We ate ourselves quite silly on Thanksgiving day. My mom cooked crazy amounts and if that wasn’t enough at around 9 o’clock my brother and I camped out at Best Buy. (Yeah we’re crazy.) But this year we were camping out for a new tv since the current tv we had was a bit old. So we went and looked at TVs. We were originally looking at a 32″ LCD Samsung but my uncle wasn’t about to have that. We looked at TVs with him and he said we should buy a 40″ LED TV at least…if not bigger. Well at first my brother and I were freaking out because 40″? LED? How we were going to pull money for this! My uncle had that figured out too. He gave us 800 and told us to buy the 40″ unless we found something better. Well I thought that was that, we were getting a 40″ LED. But looking at the ad right before we went inside, we found that for 200 more than what we were planning on paying for the 40″, we could get a 46″ LED with blu-ray player. It was the best deal for TV’s we saw that night.

While waiting in line, the guy at the front of the line had the audacity to come around to those waiting at the end and offer to sell back whatever he bought at the front for 50 dollars more than what he paid for it. I personally felt like he was just rubbing it in that he was first in line and therefore could get all the tickets for things. Whatever he didn’t sell to those at the end of the line would go on ebay. At first he said that each person from his family was going to get a ticket. But fortunately for us, that wasn’t allowed. So we got our ticket for the tv. We also picked up a ticket for the limited edition mario DS in green and a GPS for my mommy. After buying everything that we could we went home and crashed. It was the first night ever that I had stayed up all night. I usually end up sleeping for a couple minutes.

That should have been the end of our holiday. A new TV? what more could I ask for? My uncle on the other hand had other ideas. I bought a macbook in 2006. I think it’s a glorious laptop. It still runs well and the only problem it had was with the battery a year ago that Apple so kindly replaced for free for me! But because it’s kinda old and technology develops so fast, it now had trouble running some of the simplest programs…like Plants vs. Zombies. So my uncle took matters into his own hands and bought me a new 13″ macbook pro. I was pleasantly surprised. He really went all out for us this year. It’s probably because he had bought my cousins new macbooks last year so it was my turn to get a new computer. (Interesting side note: My macbook white was the first macbook in our family that sparked the whole love for Apple that our family now has…)

After that wonderful break…my brother and I went back to school excited and happy…only to be thrown under a massive amount of work. So I’ve been working my butt off quite literally to finish all the homework that I have due. Mostly term papers and exams. So stereotypically college. It’s sad.

But for those of you reading that have finals, GOOD LUCK. For those of you that don’t, SO JEALOUS!

Thanks for stopping by,

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