Christmas Joys?

Hello Everyone!!!

I am super excited to be back and able to post again! So there are two major things I wanted to talk about.

The first fast thing I wanted to talk about was a super belated birthday present from my mom. Well it wasn’t belated in the sense that she bought it for me before my birthday. But she didn’t actually bring it in from her car until about a week ago (lol.) But what she  got me was a ceramic Hello Kitty coin bank that I can paint myself. It is so cute! A picture of the finished Hello Kitty coin bank is posted below. I love this gift because my mom got it for me and she understands my obsession with Hello Kitty. It is one of the many random Hello Kitty things she buys me whenever she’s out. The second reason I love it is because I got to paint it myself. I don’t have that big of a creative bone, but I love do-it-yourself things. I think it’s super cool that I could paint one. The only one complaint I have is that the ceramic part of the bank is really shiny and the painted areas are really matte. You can’t tell in the picture but if you see it in person you can tell. It’s just a minor detail that I’m nit-picky about. Other than that one complaint  the coin bank is awesome!


Hello Kitty Bank!


The second thing I wanted to write about was about the chaos that is christmas shopping. I usually don’t have to do christmas shopping because my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. (We have Chinese New Years with the red envelopes instead.) So I never had to stress or head to the mall during Christmas crunch time (as my cousins love to call it.) But since my boyfriend’s family does celebrate christmas I have to go buy them presents. But I guess I don’t really have the “present surprise” part down yet because the other day I was discussing with my boyfriend what I would get him for Christmas (and he told me.) But today I finally went with my cousin and brother to the mall to buy his gift. My goodness! I was not prepared for the crowds that it brought. I was really shocked that there were that many people at the mall today at like 11 AM on a Monday!! It makes me glad that my family never celebrated Christmas…I couldn’t even imagine going to the mall when it’s that crowded every year to buy presents! (And I know I would since I am a last minute shopper.)

But I’m excited because I like wrapping presents! That’s probably the only part of christmas I am looking forward to. I love making ap lain box become something festive and amazing simply by wrapping it up and making it look so pretty! I kinda wish I celebrated Christmas so that I could wrap things up all the time. Yeah…I’m a loser.

Well I will probably post again before the week is up (probably around christmas day) about my updated make up collection or about my puzzle obsession.

Happy Holidays! And Good Luck with your shopping (If you still have some left to do!)

Thanks for reading,


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