The Pros and Cons of online shopping

Hi my fellow bloggers and blog-readers,

Today I wanted to explore the wonderful world of online shopping. I am sure everyone would agree that online shopping is a wonderful idea. But is it really all the glory that it is cracked up to be? I begin to take a deeper look into online shopping.

WHile I do enjoy online shopping. It’s so easy and convenient! It’s so wonderful and it takes away from having to browse the store and be haggled by people over and over again to buy something. I hate sales people (they make me extremely uncomfortable.) I am sure they think they’re being helpful, but to me I just feel smothered and harassed, an over reaction on my part I’m sure. So by shopping online I bypass that completely which is a huge plus for me.

Another pro of shopping online is avoiding the crowds. I hate going into stores and finding it full with people. That also makes me uncomfortable. (Maybe people in general make me uncomfortable.) I tend to stay out of areas with a lot of people so when I am in a place like Ulta or Sephora (or even Target sometimes) I tend to stay away from certain products that people are already looking at. I feel like it’s awkward to look at the same thing someone else is looking at (again I think I’m the only one who feels that way…wow Linh you really should stop revealing how strange you are to your readers…)

I love the convenience of shopping online. There are no store hours, no rushing to the store to get there before it opens. I can buy things at my own convenience and just browse for as long as I feel like. I just enjoy being able to do things at my own pace without feeling pressured to get out of the store. I can literally browse for hours (and continue it into the next day) without people thinking I’m some sort of psycho. (Believe me…the time I spend on amazon is unhealthy.)

Plus, with most online shopping there is no TAX! (If you’re from a state that taxes a lot like I am) this is a glorious invention. I mean there are some places that apply taxes, such as Sephora and Ulta (and the like.) But for the most part, I don’t have to pay taxes when shopping online. Where I’m from, the tax is 8.7% and increases are planned. So I enjoy not having to pay taxes on the things I purchase online. (especially on large purchases…)

Now…with all the praise I’ve given online shopping I do have a few complaints.

The first one, I hate buying make up online (unless I am buying a back up) simply because the color shown online are either lighter or darker than the color of the actual product. I hate buying something and then realizing the color is either too light or too dark for me. Grrr. (Sorry it just happened to me when an awesome concealer I bought…the concealer itself is awesome the color just doesn’t match…maybe I can take it into the store tomorrow?)

Another thing I hate is waiting. I may have to pay taxes in store, but I have the actual product in my hand that day. With ordering online I have to wait for it to process and then ship out to me. All that waiting is killer, especially since I’m not a patient person. But I do enjoy having a package at my door with my name on it. That part it kinda a counter balance to the waiting…kinda…

The shipping isn’t bad because it’s usually cheaper than the tax I would have to pay on the products. (Unless I want to buy like 1 thing, then I usually drive my butt to the store and buy it.)

Overall I think that I prefer online simply because it’s so convenient and makes things a lot easier (although I hate using a credit card…I feel like I’m spending money I don’t have when I do.)

Those are my personal pros and cons of shopping online. What do you prefer? Going to the store and buying it? Or shopping online?

Next up: A small Ulta Haul (where I show you the mixed up concealer)

Until then,

4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of online shopping

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