The Ups and Downs of loving make-up

Hello my lovely readers,

Today, I wanted to talk about something that I personally enjoy. It’s make-up. I was talking to my cousin about what we love to splurge on. My cousin has a weakness for bras. She buys them like crazy and they’re always really nice and expensive bras. I don’t really splurge on bras all that often and only really buy them when they are on sale during Victoria’s Secret Semi-annual sale. =) But what I do tend to spend my hard-earned money on is make up.

I don’t buy a lot of make up like everyday all the time; instead, I find myself buying a lot of make up one to two weeks in a row and then I won’t buy any for months and then the cycle continues. I usually buy around the sales that they have and I buy some product I’ve been wanting to try for months just haven’t had the cash to do so. It’s bad, at least for me. A poor college student. lol.

I sometimes look at my collection, believe that I am lacking something and go out and buy it. Recently, I thought that I was lacking in my blush collection and started to buy a lot of blushes. I think I ended up buying about 6-8 blushes in a span of a month. That to me is about a blush a week which is a lot. I haven’t hit pan on any of them yet which is sad. I enjoy hitting pan on my blushes simply because it makes me feel accomplished.

But after my blush rush, I thought it would be nice to invest in some eyeshadows. So I bought a TON of eyeshadows (I mean I bought some from Kate Von, Urban Decay, MAC, and a bunch of drug store.) It was all neutral tones and most of them are interchangeable but I thought that it would be nice to have some eyeshadows. I love playing around with eyeshadows because I think an eye look can really turn simple make up into sultry without too much change.

After eyeshadows it was lip products. I have few lipsticks, too much lipgloss, and way too much lip balms. I usually pick up some lip balm every time I got to the grocery store (unless they don’t carry any that I haven’t tried before.) I have some preferences but usually I just like trying new things.

Now this all sounds handy dandy because I admit, I love buying make up. I love trying new looks and finding new products that I love (or hate) and compare them to products that I have. I don’t have the largest make up collection but for me I think it’s pretty grand. I also enjoy finding new ways to wear my make up just because it gives me a fresh look. It’s fun to play with.

Make up also gives me a way to boost my confidence. It helps me enhance the parts of me that I love while diminishing the flaws that I think I have. I wear make up not to impress others but simply to make myself feel better about myself. Just like some people enjoy fashion or working out to boost their own self-image and confidence, make up helps me boost my self-confidence and I don’t find anything wrong with that. I wear makeup because I like how it looks on me.

But with all that glory sometimes, it’s a hassle to go buy it. When I run out of a product I have to go to the store and buy it. If I buy it online I have to wait for it. Either way I don’t like it. (Plus the paying…which I mentioned earlier.)

I also hate having to wash it off at night. I mean I wash my face anyways but for some reason when I have to wash OFF make up compared to just washing my face, it seems much more tedious. Lol, that’s probably just a mental thing but it also makes me hate wearing make up.

Like all loves in my life, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes I love it and other times I wish I had developed other interests. What are your feelings on make up? I’d love to hear it!

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of loving make-up

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