Trying to keep up

Hi my lovely readers,

So recently…I have found a new love…Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now every girl who reads this will think I have gone crazy. I use to watch my brother and cousin play this game for hours. I always wanted to try but it was a bit complicated for me. So finally after they were playing for hours, they invited me to join them. As soon as I played my first round…I was in love.

The game play is difficult for me to grasp since I had no first person shooter experience prior to this round. But from what I’ve heard from reliable sources (AKA my brother and cousin) the controls are pretty much the same to most FPS. But I was having a difficult time trying to learn how to walk, run, and turn corners at the same time LOL. My cousin was getting annoyed with my lack of ability to aim while shooting while my brother guffawed at my poor reflexes. While they were laughing I was having the time of my life dying! I mean it sucks dying, but it was so fun trying to shoot people. I never thought I would say that…ever. But it was actually fun! I mean I was playing against the computer on the easiest setting, but it was still fun. I can see how the game is addicting. It’s probably more fun online against other people. But I’m not quite at that level…yet. Haha.

I’m sure my boyfriend is excited about my new love for FPS. Perhaps he is dreaming that one day we will be playing together. That day is a long way off, but I guess some day is enough for him. (Although he doesn’t even own black ops, he must be the only guy who doesn’t.) I keep watching my brother with a better appreciation for some kills that he gets since I have trouble aiming or even shooting while I run. It gives me a while new perspective on the game once I’ve played it. Perhaps I will keep it up so that I can one day play online. =D

Here’s to hoping! I hope you all had a wonderful new years!


4 thoughts on “Trying to keep up

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