Is winning everything?

Hello my darling readers,

So this week my brother finally received his present from his girlfriend. They had a mini-compeition on who could get better presents (like my boyfriend and I had.) His rolling list of presents TO her was: A scarf, Zombieland, bracelets, 2 hats, and a hello kitty key cover. She got him: A Gir blanket, a Gir t-shirt, oreos, a chocolate bar, and a picture she drew. While the picture earns a lit of effort points, overall this year’s gift giving competition went to my brother. He literally cataloged everything she mentioned she liked and then bought it for Christmas. I have to give him credit for being able to remember the small things she mentions she likes and then goes out and buys it. (Although I have to say, my present to his girlfriend is so much better. She liked the purple scarf I got her more than the grey scarf he got her. I win!)

Now on to the main point of my blog, they are now having an argument about who gave better gifts. It sounds strangely familiar to the conversation I had with  my boyfriend about how my gift this year was better than his gift. He got me some TOMs I really really wanted and I got him a really nice Underarmor hoodie. (Yeah we don’t give big gifts during christmas because I don’t celebrate Christmas with anyone but him.) So I was telling him that I won the gift giving competition because he didn’t tell me what he wanted this year but I still got him something he loved and wears a lot. But he might only be wearing it because I got it for him…maybe. While I love my present from my boyfriend, I knew what I was getting because I told him what I wanted. Plus in all fairness mine was more expensive as well.

While I don’t care about cost, I do care about giving the better gift. I really wanted to make sure that I gave him something better than he gave me. Is that wrong? And now that the gifts are all given out, I can easily say that this christmas was worth it because I gave him an amazing gift this year. I then thought about WHY it was so important to me that I give him the better gift. I don’t really think it’s something deep and meaningful. I really think it’s just because I hate losing. I hate feeling like I was a cheap-ass around christmas and got him a bad present when he put time and effort into my present. I wonder if it’s wrong… that I make a competition out of gift giving and pray that I come out on top of the game. Haha. I’m not sure if I am giving or selfish on this one. But I just know I had to win the competition…and every competition that I believe I am in. Cause that I how I am.

Thanks for reading,

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