Rant: Going to the DMV

Hello Weblog World,

Today will be a quick short rant. I had to get my plates re-newed today. Since I was re-newing my plates I thought it would go A LOT faster than if I were getting new plates. Oh how wrong I was…how very wrong…

I arrived at the DMV at around 2ish. I then went in and the lady at the front asked me if I was renewing my plates. I replied yes and she directed me to a line that went the length of the room and wrapped slightly around another wall (it went around the entire room when I had moved up 5 spaces in line.) I figured a lot of people were there just to renew since they couldn’t do it online (with a check at least…or cash in my case.) I stood there waiting…and waiting and waiting. An hour and a half literally dragged by before I was able to get to the front of the line. I don’t know how it took an hour and a half for me to move up at least 10 spaces in line. I was surprised that it took so long (although looking back I probably shouldn’t have been; it was the DMV after all.)

When I got up to renew my plates, it took literally all of 2 minutes to pay and get the stickers. I don’t UNDERSTAND! How could it take so long waiting in line and when it was actually time to re-new my plates it took maybe 2 minutes for me to give him the information, pay, and get my stickers. I know the people are tired and some aren’t prepared when they get up. But still…an hour and a half?! to do something that takes 2 minutes? I would understand if there were 100 people in line. But there were maybe 15 people in line. I don’t really get it….so irritating.

I just needed to vent about how I dislike going to the DMV. It’s always waiting and I don’t know why.

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