I love Hello Kitty

Hello Readers,

As anyone who come to my blog may quickly discover, I have a strong overwhelming love for Hello Kitty. I mean I really love Hello Kitty. My mom every time she goes on a trip will buy me something with Hello Kitty on it. Every time I see something with Hello Kitty on it I have an almost un-suppressible  urge to purchase it. Sometimes though, I think I love Hello Kitty too much. (Is that even possible?!)

An example: For my birthday present my mom bought me a paint it yourself ceramic Hello Kitty Piggy Bank. Needless to say I painted it the day of and now currently store ANY spare change I can find in it simply as an excuse to use it.

Hello Kitty recently came out with a make up line at Sephora. While I didn’t buy everything they had available (even though I wanted to) I did buy quite a few and am longing for more. I ended up buying a lip balm, cream blush, and two nail polishes from the Hello Kitty line. It cost 50 dollars and I think it was worth every penny I paid. I will insert pictures soon, hopefully when I do a review on the products.

I have 2 Hello Kitty Plushes that sleep with me every night and three hello kitty plushies that sit on my dresser. I snuggle them all the time and think they are the cutest things ever. I would buy a hello kitty game but..I don’t know if they would be a waste of time. (I’m sure I’d love it, but even I have to have some limits right?)

Sometimes I wonder why I love Hello Kitty so much. I think Hello Kitty is definitely cute and everything Hello Kitty I feel the urge to own but I’m not sure WHY! I could go broke collecting all things Hello Kitty but I have to try to restrain myself. (I even have a Hello Kitty wallet that I got in NY and I am in love with.) I think my obsession with Hello Kitty is becoming a little overwhelming. I mean I seriously get more excited about Hello Kitty than I do seeing my boyfriend or friends or family. (Well maybe not family…all the time but it’s pretty close.) I shouldn’t get so happy over something so…material right? It’s just I honestly dream of having a room one day dedicated specifically to hello kitty (how sad is that?!)

I keep trying to curb my obsession to something else (like make-up) but then Hello Kitty comes out with a ploy to reel me back in. I mean a Hello Kitty Make up line is just going overboard. Now I can feed two obsessions in one…not good. I wish there was an AA for Hello Kitty addicts. I’d definitely attend.


Later all,

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