A new mini series in my blog.

Hello lovely readers,

So, this semester I am taking an interesting class called Introduction to Film. I needed it for elective credit and I decided it might be more interesting to see a different aspect of film than just the storyline. I really like the class because many of the movies the professor has selected for class are classic movies that I haven’t seen yet. We have watched two films already  Citizen Kane and Raging Bull. Both movies were AMAZING. It makes me want to get into film a bit more, but I thought I would start posting weekly on here what I thought about the most recent film we had to write for class in a broader sense that the specific details we have to look for in the class. I thought it would be fun to write about something new I’m learning about as I learn about it (that isn’t related to daily life blogging and make up reviews.)

So this week: I start I would start with Citizen Kane

As many people know, this movie is quite classic. It’s about a young man given away in childhood by his parents (practically sold) to be raised in “the right way.” He grows up to be a rambunctious young man, being kicked out of as many colleges as he could get into and had only one “true friend.” He uses his wealth to buy out a newspaper and there beings to lay down a name for himself. He vows to be a man who writes for the public and slowly begins to climb up the success ladder. He creates a good selling nationwide newspaper and marries the niece of the president. HIs first marriage falls to shambles as he begins to run for mayor. He has an affair with a younger woman who essentially destroys his campaign as mayor. He ends up marrying his mistress as he falls further out of touch with his friends and those around him. He forces his second wife to become an opera singer when she obviously has no talent for singing. After failing to make her a successful singer, he builds an isolated “wonderland” for them called Xanadu, a 47,000 acre piece of land so large they have to scream to hold a conversation. In the end he dies muttering one word (which was how the movie opened), “Rosebud.” THe film is shot spending the entire span trying to find out what “rosebud” meant.

I really liked how while it was supposed to be out of chronological order it was actually showing the ending first and then starting back at the beginning with gaps in the story missing but slowly filling in as the film continued. It was a black and white film, but that did not take away anything from the story or film at all. Instead of using vivid colors to portray meaning, the film greatly utilized shadows and lighting to create the mood. I thought it was amazing how the movie told me so much without words. I have a secret love for all things black and white so I was super excited to watch this film.

The film was more intense and dealt quite well with Kane as a character. I liked watching how Kane’s life unfolded in almost disarray as people told different aspects of his life as the audience slowly watched his downfall. But the best part how the film wrapped up with how it began, with Charles Kane’s death.

One scene in particular that I loved was the scene at the beginning with the faceless reporters trying to figure out what “rosebud” meant. The scene was dark, the outline of the figures were visible due to the lighting and sometimes the outlines were blurred with smoke.  The reporters were in disarray without any real definite structure. The scene constantly switched from many to only a couple people. The only real detail of the reporters that you got was one reporter, he had glasses. You never see his face throughout the entire movie; but out of all the faceless reporters, he is the only one with enough detail that the audience almost feels like they are watching the interviews from his perspective. It’s a nice addition to the film. To see another man’s life unfold as a series of stories through someone else’s eyes.

Overall, I’m glad I got to see Citizen Kane even if it was for a class. Next time: Raging Bull

Thanks for reading!

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