So stereotypical

Hello webloggers and readers,

Lately, I have re-discovered a new love….dramas. Such as korean, japanese, chinese, taiwanese (some categorize these separate from the chinese dramas.) A few years back I was very into watching asian dramas, I started a new one right after I finished watching one. I followed a few of my favorite actors and actresses, simply to be able to watch the latest drama they were starring in. Well after awhile I started to get into other interests and dropped watching dramas.

Recently, I encountered an ending theme song for a drama that I really liked. Intrigued by the song, I followed the link to watch the drama called Personal Taste (or Personal Preference depending on the translator.) Surprisingly enough, it starred one of my recent favorite actors Lee Min Ho (who played the lead actor in Boys Over Flowers Korean Version.) Seeing this, I started watching the first episode. I was almost instantly hooked. The storyline was light and funny. While at times it was awkward, but it wasn’t cringe and turn away awkward. It was giggle and shift awkward. It had the usual touches of drama and hints towards something bigger.

Unlike other dramas, this one doesn’t get too heavy on the crying, overly hurt moments. I found myself crying only at the end of one episode. While the actors do cry a bit more in the drama, I didn’t find myself crying with them. There are a few characters I thought could have been better, but then again if I wrote a drama it would never fly. Simply because it would be pretty plain.

After finishing Personal Taste, I moved on to the Coffee Prince or the 1st Coffee shop Prince. I started this one awhile back, but never quite got around to finishing it. I find myself still enjoying myself as much this time around. I’ll post another update once  I finish the series to express my…feelings about what happened.

Until then,

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