Ewww germs!

Hello Readers!

Today, my topic is about of course germs. Since winter is upon and with the cold weather comes the cold, flu, and other nasty things-I wanted to blog about it. This is only drawn to my attention as I am currently downtrodden with a cold that my boyfriend was so kind to bestow upon me.

While he was sick about a week ago, he had seen me during the point in his cold that he was still contagious and just like his cold, mine has slowly be setting on. Usually when I get sick it hits me all at once, but that is also because it’s my brother who usually infects me. But this time it was my “wonderful” boyfriend. His cold started with a minor sore throat that led to a runny nose that led to a cough and a small fever that led to more coughing and more sore throat. Finally he got over it.

Well, now I laying in bed with a sore throat as a horrible stuffy/runny nose. I am running a fever and when I told my boyfriend he said I must have picked it up at school. Now that is possible. But more likely than not it was from him kissing me while he was sick. Yeah, my boyfriend couldn’t keep is disgusting germs to himself. A couple who shares is a couple who cares right?! Poppycock! He had to go and share his horrible cold with me while he’s all handy-dandy. He even had the nerve to invite me to a movie tonight! After infecting me!! The nerve of that man….grrr.

But this also got me thinking about “cold-etiquette.” When a person has a cold, there are certain….social rules that are expected of the person. The first rule: The person must take some sort of cold medicine. I find this a useful rule because it keeps the distracting side effects of a cold under wraps. Such a side-effect that it controls is obnoxious coughing. It may just be me, but if I am sitting anywhere and within the vicinity someone is hacking up a lung, I find myself slightly uncomfortable. I want to say something but at the same time I am thinking Why don’t you take something for that cough? I know it’s slightly rude, but if you are coughing that badly, take a cough drop or some cough syrup or just stay at home. No one likes to sit around someone who coughs, or worse get coughed on (which has also happened to me…bad times.) So just do yourself and everyone around you a favor and take something. (Personally, I recommend riccola. Love that stuff.)

Second, I think when someone is sick it is almost an obligation to carry around tissues. Tissues are great for dabbing at a runny nose, blowing a stuffy nose, keeping those contagious infectious germs from spreading around. It’s just a polite convenient thing to keep handy when you are under the weather. I mean sure the sound of someone blowing his/her nose is not the most pleasant sound. But I would much rather hear one person blowing his/her nose than continually loud sniffling for 2 hours. That’s just me though.

And finally, I find that keeping physical contact at a minimum while you are sick is the polite thing to do. I don’t know a single person that thinks, Man being sick is AWESOME. I wish I was sick everyday. I love the coughing, the fever, the stuffy nose, the sore throat. It’s like joy in germ form. Therefore, because no one likes to be sick I simply think it is polite to not rub your germy disgusting hands all over other people! (Yes, I am talking to you CHASE! This entire post is devoted to YOU! You germ infected sickness spreading butthead!…yeah I’m a bit angry and resentful.)

What are you thoughts on being sick and how you handle yourself around other people?

Until Next Time darlings,

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