Beauty Thoughts: My Nail Polish collection

Hello my lovely readers,

So I wanted to share with you guys a little bit more of my beauty life. As you all may know, I am new to make up but I am slowly starting to get into it. One of the last things I started getting into was nail polishes. I only recently started buying nail polishes and trying out new colors. I use to be all about the nude and french manicure looks, which usually only look good on slightly longer nails.

But I really like my nails short so they don’t dig into my palm when I start writing and have to grip things (cause I hold my pencil really weird I’ve been told.) So I started cutting my nails quite short so I started experimenting with different colors. I will admit that my toes get more variety and love than my fingernails. It’s probably because when I paint my toes, they last for freaking ever. But with my fingers, since I’m using my hands for a lot of stuff they begin chipping quite fast. I consider it a victory if my nail polish lasts for a week without too much chipping.

So besides the rambling, I wanted to share with you guys my small nail polish collection.

I will do it by collections. The first is one of the most well-known: OPI.


So, starting from left to right the polishes are: The Alice in Wonderland Mini Polishes (which contains Absolutely Alice, Thanks so Muchness, Off With Her Red, and Mad as a Hatter), Absolutely Alice, 2x-Jade is the New Black, Dim Sum Plum, Give me Moore, and Top Coat.

The Alice in Wonderland Polishes are wonderful. I really loved the concept of making polishes based on the movie Alice in Wonderland. The first one is Absolutely Alice. I’ll talk about that in a bit. The second one, Thanks so Muchness, is a nice cool shimmery red. It looks classy and polished on my toes. I don’t like reds, but this one is actually really pretty and toned down enough that I’d put it on my toes. (You will soon notice I don’t often wear polish on my fingernails.) The next one, Off With Her Red, is a bright red. It really is like fire engine red that reminds you of the Queen of Hearts from the movie. I haven’t actually worn this one yet simply because I don’t know how to wear red. The last one is my favorite in this collection. It’s called Mad as A Hatter. So, in bottle it looks like black polish with colorful glitter. But ones you put it on your nails it is more clear polish with silver glitter (and some color.) It’s not what I expected and because of that I’m a bit disappointed. But it’s still a fun and unique polish to me. I enjoy wearing it.

Absolutely Alice is a beautiful blue glitter polish. If you adore blue and glitter, this is the perfect polish for you. It will take multiple coats to get the polish on your nails to look like the bottle, but it’s worth it because it’s gorgeous. The only thing I hate about this polish is that it takes awhile to get off. Maybe it’s because I stink at removing polish, but to me this polish is difficult to remove. That’s the only downside to this polish.

My favorite of this collection is the Jade is the New Black. Jade is the New Black is the perfect green for me. It’s not too bright but it’s not too dark either. It’s a nice cool green. I don’t really like it on my fingernails, but on my toes it looks amazing. It’s my go-to color when I can’t decide what to wear.

Next, Dim Sum Plum, is one of the few polishes I do wear on my nails. It looks quite bright in the bottle, but on nails it comes off as a nice pink/fushia shade. It looks cute on the nails and is perfect for spring and summer. This one takes about two coats (or two of my coats, since I apply very thin coats to my nails.)

Next is Give Me Moore. This is a dark purple that almost looks black from a distance. I also wear this on my fingernails. This is good for when I am not feeling up to really doing my nails. I just cut them short, throw on a couple of coats of this and I am set. I use to be really against dark nails until I saw this color. It’s a nice deep purple that really got me into darker colors.

Finally, the OPI top coat. This is the only top coat I’ve ever really used so I can’t tell you if it’s glorious or not. It does take a while to dry; so if you’re really anti-waiting this might not be the top coat for you.

Next: China Glaze


China Glaze

Starting from left to right: Re-Fresh Mint, Princess Grace, Liquid Leather, Flyin’ High, Jolly Holly, and Party Hearty.

Re0Fresh Mint is a pastel green. I like this color because it’s a light green color. China Glaze, like OPI, requires me to put on two coats before I achieve the color in the bottle. But I think this is an easy color to wear simply because it’s such a pretty color. (I’m a big fan of greens…)

Next is Princess Grace. Surprisingly, I do like this color. It’s surprising mostly because I normally don’t like wearing shimmery colors. Since I’m pretty new at wearing nail polish, I tend to go for more basic cream colors rather than shimmer or glitter.ut, Princess Grace isn’t so shimmery it’s bothersome. It’s semi-pearly and is a light pink. As anyone who paints their nails know, pink is pretty universal and can pretty much be worn at any time and look appropriate.

Ok, so I caved and bought a black nail polish. Liquid Leather is a great black from China Glaze. I have only worn it once and for less than a day. It’s because when I was wearing it, my mom was joking that I’d turn emo (or goth) because I had black nail polish and black hair (my black hair is natural) and so I changed it because she asked me to. But I do like it a lot. It goes on really smoothly and looks really pretty on nail. I now use it as a different color if I am doing french tips.

Flyin’ High was the first China Glaze I ever bought. I bought it because it was a light teal/green/blue color. It was bright enough that when on my toes it would pop but it was toned down enough that I wasn’t always staring at my toes while I walked. Like all China Glazes, I had to put on two coats. But overall, I thought the color was so pretty! (It looks more blue in the picture than it really is)

The next two my mom bought for me at a sale on christmas colors. The first one is Jolly Holly and the second one is Party Hearty. The Jolly Holly green really is the perfect holiday green. I wore it on my fingernails and toes and it looked amazing. It was festive yet wasn’t obnoxious. I put Party Hearty over Jolly Holly on my toes for more christmas fun. The Party Hearty were red and green and silver glitter in clear polish. It went over the green wonderfully and looked great. The only downside was it was really really really hard to take off. So hard that I gave up and just waited for my nails to grow out. It’s 1 part difficulty two parts lazy right there.

Next: Random Sephora and Department store polishes


Sephora and Department Store polishes

So these polishes are polishes that came from various department stores. Left to right: Sephora-Oceanic Love Potion and Nail Strengthener, Nars- Jungle Red, Dovima, Schiap, Hello Kitty- Banana Cream, Bubble Gum.

Starting with the Sephora polishes, the Oceanic Love Potion is a teal with strong green tones in it (compared to the Flyin’ High which was a teal with stronger blue tones.) I also think the Oceanic Love Potion isn’t as bright as the Flyin’ High. This is a positive for me because I didn’t really like wearing bright colors at the time. But it’s still one of my favorites because it’s such a nice teal color. It looks cute on my toes (I’ve never tried it on my fingers.)

The nail strengthener works as a nail treatment as well as a base coat. I have noticed that my nails do not break as often and the nail bed had become smoother after using the nail strengthener. I think I bought it mostly because it was a treatment as well as a base coat (two for one I thought.) While it does work well as a base coat, I do sometimes wear it alone as a treatment. Either way, it’s really good. One coat is enough to evenly cover the entire nail and it dries pretty quickly.

The NARS polishes I got from a friend. She got it as a free gift with her purchase and gave me the polishes because she didn’t really paint her nails. I think the colors are really pretty and I don’t wear them all that often. The deep red (Jungle Red) is a GORGEOUS red. When I put it on my toes it looked just perfect. The bright red (Dovima) I haven’t worn yet. I’m actually scared of the bright maybe one day in the near future I will be able to try it. But until then I can’t really say much about it. The bright Barbie pink (Schiap) is fun to wear on my toes during the summer. It’s the only time I think I am daring enough to wear a pink that bright.

Finally…the Hello Kitty Polishes. Ok, first off, they LOOK adorable!! They look so cute and I wanted to buy them all. But the problem was with the formula for the polishes. They take a long time to dry and even “dry” they still felt almost sticky to me. Like normally with OPI, China Glaze, Any other nail polish, after it dries and I rub my nails together they just kinda slide off. (Yes, I rub my nails together cause I’m odd.) But with both Hello Kitty polishes, they stuck. It annoyed the crap out of me. The colors themselves are true to bottle and one coat (Or two) will give you the color in bottle. But unfortunately, that one little snip makes this one difficult for me to wear. But they’re cute…so so so cute….



Drugstore Nail Polishes

Left to Right: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Mellow Yellow; Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro-Purple Rain, Steele Gray; Rimmel French Tip Pro-French White Nail Tip Liner, French Lingerie; Ulta-Something Blue, Sunny Romance of St. Tropez; Nicole by OPI-My Lifesaver, Savina-Paradise

The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear was a recent purchase. I wore it once for a short while before deciding a yellow that bright looked better on short nails (my nails were slightly longer then.) But I liked the formula from what I’ve seen so far. I’ll probably elaborate once I’ve had a chance to wear it more.

The Rimmel products I absolutely adore. I love the flat wider brushes that come in the polish. I love the formulation of the produce. I just adore these polishes. I really enjoyed the white tip liner. This is because the brush is very fine and makes it so much easier to create a white tip for the french manicure. It’s a genius idea (and the first time I’ve encountered it and I love it.)

The two Ulta polishes are mini and adorable. The only downside about these polishes are that they do take a while to dry and they need multiple layers to achieve the color in the bottle. But the color is really pretty, so I think it’s worth it to wait the long time to achieve the color. I don’t know if I would buy the larger bottle though (I got these two free in a sample bag ULTA was giving away with a 15 dollar purchase.)

The next one is My Lifesaver by Nicole by OPI. This is from the Justin Beiber collection. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything from this collection, but then I saw this mint green and fell in love. It was the ONLY color in the collection that I liked. I haven’t tried it on my nails yet…but I will. It kind of reminds me of a lighter Oceanic Love Potion by Sephora/OPI.

The last one, Paradise by Savina. I haven’t actually tried this one yet. My mom bought it for me in a christmas collection of “China Glaze.” This is obviously not China Glaze so I’m a little disappointed but at the same time, it’s not an ugly color. I just don’t normally wear reds, but come the holidays I might have to try this one out!

Thank you for reading this ridiculously long post. I apologize if I rambled too much.

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