Alright, I’ll join: Project 10 Pan

Hello Readers and Beauties,

So, lately on Youtube and on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page (the two places I go for beauty related anything) there has been a trend. That trend is Project 10 Pan. This, for anyone who doesn’t know, is basically a challenge. It’s a self challenge where you cannot buy any new make up products until you have used up or hit pan on at least 10 items you currently own. I was going to abstain from this simply because I thought I didn’t own enough make up to actually make it worth while to do it.

But recently, I was re-organizing my make up collection (yet again…I have a post on that if you’re interested.) While, re-organizing I noticed I had a lot of make up that I didn’t use as often, if at all, anymore because I had purchased A LOT of new things. The main thing I’ve been buying lately is blushes. I didn’t realize that I had bought so much until I saw not all my blushes fit in a drawer in my three compartment thing anymore. It made me sad but at the same time, it made me realize that I needed to use the blushes I had.

While I have already created one exception in my Project 10 Pan, I decided I would stop buying make up all together until I hit pan on at least 10 items. The exception is April when MAC’s Quite Cute collection comes out. I’m already planning on buying one lipstick and one blush. That’s all though. I also am planning on buying the Skin79 BB cream once I use all of my foundation up, but that’s not set in stone yet…

Since I am only now just starting Project 10 Pan, I decided to make a list of products in my collection that I think it is plausible for me to hit pan on. I am not counting any items I’ve already hit pan on (or am close to hitting pan on) just so that I feel…more accomplished. I also am not including any chapstick/lip balm in Project 10 Pan because I go through those like it’s nothing. I purchase a new lip balm probably once a week, and I go through at least 2 a month if not more. (I really need to cut down lip balm…)

I’ve already complied a small list of things I HOPE will be included in what I hit pan on. The list includes:

Mulch eyeshadow-MAC
Dual Balance Foundation-Shiseido
Fox in A Box blush-Hard Candy
Luminoso blush-Milani
Candid Coral blush-Elf
Gel Liner in Black-Elf

This list will probably grow since I have a lot of eyeshadows that I know I should use up. I will post an update hopefully once every two weeks (I think once a week is too excessive since I don’t use that much make up in a week.) I’ll also include pictures of what I’ve been using that week and anything else I think is important.

Wish me luck and thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Alright, I’ll join: Project 10 Pan

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