Beauty: Falling off the band wagon

Hello my lovely readers,

So, as you all know-I have decided to do project 10 pan. But today…much to my sadness, I fell off. I ended up purchasing a couple of items when I went to the mall today. I wanted to pick up the Sakura Blush from MAC’s Quite Cute Collection. I had planned on buying this before project 10 pan, so I figured it was my one “get out of jail free” make up purchase. But, I forgot my mall also houses Victoria’s Secret (and I had a 10 dollar gift card) as well as a Sephora (death by make up I call it.)

All my little goodies!

Top row (left to right): Victoria’s Secret Lash Lust mascara, Benefit’s bella bamba blush, benefit’s erase paste, MAC’s Sakura blush, and MAC’s Vegas Volt lipstick

I picked up my lovely Sakura blush of course from the Quite Cute collection. I’m really excited for this blush because it’s such a soft purple color. I have other purple blushes (that are much deeper than Sakura) that I adore. I just hope that i love this one just as much as the others.

The second thing I picked up was the Vegas Volt lipstick. Now if you’re interested, I have included a picture of me wearing the color (so that you can see how it looks on me.) I think it is a beautiful bright coral color. MAC’s website describes it as, “full power coral.” So I was spot on in my judgment, score. Anyways, I adore this lipstick. I think it’s a beautiful coral color for me to start wearing bright lipsticks. I’m a nude girl all the way, but this lipstick is wonderful.

Vegas Volt on Me!

Sorry about the weird angle.

After buying my MAC…I couldn’t stop. I ended up heading to Sephora. Now, I knew it was a bad idea. But a bad idea became a worse idea when the benefit team was there. They were giving people make overs…anyways. I was looking for a new concealer because the concealers that I have weren’t enough. (If you haven’t noticed, I tend to like my concealers!) I was roped into trying Benefit. I had wanted to try the line for a very long time. The only thing I’ve previously tried from Benefit was Bad Gal mascara (which I will admit I adore.)

The first thing I got was the Bella Bamba blush box. I had always wanted to try a Benefit blush and I have to admit…I love it. The color is beautiful. It has shimmer but not too much that I look like I threw glitter at my face while getting ready. It is a perfect coral/peach shade that gives my olive skin a kiss of color without going overboard. Plus, it smells wonderful. I know that sounds weird, but really the bella bamba blush smells really good! (now I sound psycho for smelling blushes…lol oh well.)

After the Bella Bamba blush, I of course, picked up Benefit’s erase paste. I have heard so many good things about this concealer that I would try it out for myself. So far I actually enjoy it. It’s a really creamy concealer with the perfect balance of peach so I think it’s a wonderful under eye concealer.

The mascara I picked up from Victoria’s Secret was the Lash Lust mascara in blackest black. It’s a very interest mascara to say the least. I’ve tried it a few times but I don’t want to say too much because I am planning on doing an in-depth review on the mascara.

I also picked up two samples from Sephora. The “It’s Potent” Eye cream from benefit and I got a deluxe sample of the sephora mascara that is supposed to enhance lash growth. I haven’t really tried either one yet, but I do love the packaging of the eye cream. It looks really beautiful and clean and just super adorable. It looks like the full size eye cream except smaller. So cute!

Well, I may have fallen off the bandwagon no buy for project 10 pan. But I am back on it, and am trying again!

Look forward to an update on my project 10 pan!

Thanks for reading,

Binny =D

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