Hot Yoga

Hello my wonderful readers,

Today is a little off topic (but then again everything I write is a little off topic.) Recently, my mom has been looking for a really good exercise regime to lose weight. My mom is not fat by any means. She’s 5’3 and 140 pounds. Nothing major, but she just wants to lose weight. She heard from my aunt that a good exercise to join was hot yoga. For those of you who don’t know what is (I certainly didn’t until my mom told me), hot yoga is yoga done in a 90+ degree F room. It’s suppose to really help your muscle stretch and what not.

My mom told me to look up places that did it, so I did. We ended up finding a place that was specifically for just hot yoga. The studio was built with hot yoga in mind. I thought that was pretty neat. I ended up signing up Saturday April 23rd (so yup I just started) and my mom ended up signing up the next day.

My first experience with hot yoga was, “I definitely did NOT drink enough water before taking this on.” I felt really dizzy and had to sit out a few poses. I also yawn a lot when it’s hot so the instructor probably thought I was about to die or something. But the second day I went, it was significantly easier. I was able to do all of the moves without feeling dizzy or anything. Plus, it was fun going with my mom. She made it enjoyable, I felt a lot better with her there. She made me laugh a lot because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she doesn’t mind laughing at herself.

Now, on to the actual yoga. I haven’t done much yoga before this, except on the wii fit and we know that doesn’t really count. They do not really help correct posture. So, I felt very stiff at first but at the same time I thought it was really fun! It’s surprising how much of a work out it really was well. Plus, with the heat I am sweating like I was crawling across the desert. My mom didn’t think it was that much until she waited a few hours and then texted me that she was super sore! hehehe.

I find that with hot yoga I cannot skip a day or else I really pay for it the next day. I ended up skipping a day when my baby cousin was in town. When I went the next day to make up for it, I found that I was not as flexible as the previous times and it was difficult to keep up. (Damn you triangle pose…) But I have learned what keeps me alive during these 90 minute yoga sessions, taking small sips of water more often.

I also find that I tend to point my toes a lot. It’s all the gymnastics I use to do as a child. I just find it more natural to point my toes instead of flex. So the instructors are always laughing at me for it. It’s kinda sad but at the same time it makes it fun. The instructors are pretty down to earth and friendly. I like most of them, but there are some that make it more…..aggressive (if that’s the right word) than others. I guess even in yoga personality shines through.

I think it’ll be a good work out as well as a good way to help me become more flexible…and maybe get in shape. If anything, at least now I can balance on one leg. haha

I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

Until Then,

4 thoughts on “Hot Yoga

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