First Thoughts: Tokidoki Soda Pop Palette

Hey guys!

I am so sorry for being MIA for so freaking long!But I am back and with a small post for you guys!

I have been resisting this palette since it came out. But it went on sale a while ago and I finally caved and bought it. Yes, the Tokidoki Soda Pop Palette. I have the Robbery Palette (which I absolutely love). So I decided to buy this palette as well.

Looking at the package of the palette: it is super colorful in classic Tokidoki fashion. It’s bright, bubbly, and dangerously cute. I really like it.

I am sorry the quality of the picture isn’t that great. Unfortunately, my digital camera is missing in action so I had to take the picture on my laptop (sorry!)

The tin of the Tokidoki Palette
The tin of the Tokidoki Palette

The colors range from neutrals to plums and greens with a few black thrown in there for good measure. Most of the colors, true to tokidoki form, are shimmer. But there were a few matte shades thrown into the palette for a bit of diversity.

The neutrals in this palette are skull donut, patatino, riposino, ciccio, mummetto, and mozzarella.

Swatches of the Neutral colors

The swatch from Left to Right: skull donut, patatino, riposino, ciccio, mummetto, and mozzarella

Skull Donut: It is a white shimmery color, perfect for highlighting. It was pigmented enough that I only had to go over it once for it to show up on my skin. I have medium skin as you can tell from the picture.

The next color patatino: A beautiful champagne color. It appears almost matte in the picture, but in person it has a hint of pearlescent shimmer to it. I think this will be my new favorite champagne inner eye color.

Riposino: A nice metalllic brownish color. This kind of had a bit of fall out when I was swatching it (it kind of reminded me of sidecare from the Naked Palette with the fall out.) But it wasn’t annoying. The color pay off was pretty good so hopefully I won’t mind the fall out too much when using this color.

Ciccio: My favorite color from the neturals in this palette. It is just a wonderfully beautiful bronze color. It definitely reminds me of half-baked from the Naked Palette (which I also adore.)

Mummetto: The first matte color in the palette. It’s a beautiful dark brown that I can use to set my brown gel liner or just in the outer corner for definition when I think black is too harsh. Again, this color reminds me of leather from the Kat Von D Ludwig palette.

Mozzarella: A shimmer dark brown. It looks like Riposino with more brown and less metallic. Again, a beautiful outer corner crease color.

Next: the colors! lol kind of…

The bottom 6 colors

The colors from left to right are: Furbina, Arrosto, Ciotolina, Romeo, Nancy Rocks, and Tulipano

Furbina: A dark purple black with purple glitter in it. The swatch does not do this color justice at all. It’s a beautiful color that is perfect for a night out smokey eye or for setting purple or black liner. I think it’s so pretty.

Arrosto: Your basic matte black. I don’t think it’s as pigmented as Carbon by MAC or Black by NYX, but it’s not bad. I think it works well with the other colors in the palette because it is a softer black color. But as a black, it’s not the best.

Ciotlina: Ok in pan this is a beautiful gold/green color. It looks absolutely fabulous in pan But when swatching this color, it was the only one I had to go over multiple times to get it to show up. And even in the swatch it looks paler (and less shimmery) than it does in pan. Sad, but hopefully I can get it to work for me.

Romeo: By far my favorite color in the entire palette. I am definitely looking forward to using this color. I don’t know how yet, but I will. A crease, an outer corner color, everywhere….lol (just kidding…kinda.) It is an amazing plum red wine color that I just absolutely adore. The swatch takes away from some of the shimmer that it has, but it’s still really pretty.

Nancy Rocks: A medium purple. I sort of wish this purple was deeper, but as far as purples (that I own goes) it’s quite pigmented. It shows up more blue-ish in the picture than in real life. But it’s a really pretty purple with shimmer. I like it.

Tulipano: A matte lilac color. I think this color is a wonderful lid color for when I do purple looks in the fall/winter. I don’t know how I’d pull it off in summer quite yet. But I’m willing to try. It’s a pretty light lilac color.


Aside from the shadows, the palette came with one liquid eyeliner and a nail file. I felt the nail file was completely random and space filler because the rest of the palette focuses on eyes only. But whatever…I think it’s cute.

The eyeliner I haven’t opened yet, but I have the same eyeliner but in black and I absolutely love it. The one that came with the palette is a purple color (Score!) so I will have fun with that. I think purple eyeliner looks so pretty with brown eyes so I’m trying to think of different ways to incorporate purple with my looks.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this palette. I think it has a lot of neutrals that I already own but the other colors I don’t so even then it’s worth it to me. I think it will make it easier for me to mix up colors and create new eye looks. I will post again soon and sorry for being so sporadic!

Thanks for stopping by,


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