How Long Does Puppy Love Last?

Hello readers,

Today I wanted to get a bit more personal.

I am currently in a new relationship, we started dating almost 2 months ago. Now to fully understand this…um…issue I suppose-I might have to divulge a bit more information. Before I started dating my current boyfriend, I dated another guy for 2 years. Let’s just call him The Ex. During my time with The Ex, we got along ok. And by ok I meant, I didn’t kill him. The Ex was-simply put- very verbally abusive to me. While he would never lay a hand on me, not a day went by without him telling me how I was a slut or how I was stupid.

After 2 years, I had enough and broke up with him. Well a few months later, in comes The Boyfriend. He is-simply put again- a nice guy. Now when I say nice guy, I mean nice guy. He is always taking into consideration what I want and always seems to be bending over backwards to please me. This sounds like a fairytale right? I think so too. Now I’m not bragging (well maybe a little bit…) It was like if you took my ex…and did a complete 180. The Boyfriend is the complete opposite of The Ex.

But, lately I’ve been bringing my new boyfriend to meet my family. This is strange for me because I am so scared to integrate parts of my life together. (Just in case something goes wrong I at least can turn to another part of my life and be ok.) So, letting my new boyfriend meet my family was scary-but something I felt like I should do. After he met my family, they all raved about how “nice he was” and how “cute we are together.” The usual things people say about new couples.

My cousin’s boyfriend-ish guy even said, “They’re so cute…why aren’t we cute like that?”

This line got me thinking. We have all seen those couples. The ones that are “Oh snuggly wuggly puppy poo.” They have obnoxious nicknames for each other and they are all over each other all the time. I really dislike those couples. I think it’s corny and it’s not cute at all. So, how do I act with The Boyfriend that makes it “cute” not “annoying.” And where is the line between the two? I have always wondered this.

And at the same time, I am always wondering when I will take off my rose colored glasses. Right now, The Boyfriend to me is perfect to me. He is cute and attentive and sweet. He’s just….what I want in a guy (is that cheesy?) and I know around a year many couples break up because they beginning seeing the person for how they really are. But I am wondering how accurate this is. Is it true? Or should I try to pull myself out of my puppy love head and try to see The boyfriend for how he is or should I just kinda go with it?

And is being in puppy love always so crazy?

Thanks for reading and stopping by,

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