Beauty Thoughts/In My Head: A Big 25 Birthday

Hey everyone!!!

I am excited to share this with you all. It is long overdue because I fail at blogging, but it’s ok. I wanted to share with you guys the loveliness that was my birthday! Yup, I’m another year older and another year wiser now (or so they say…I still act like I’m 5.) My birthday was a mash of love, happiness, anger, and sadness. But at least it was eventful right? right? -silence- Anywhooooo….

On my actual birthday (it fell on a Thursday) I actually spent most of it alone. So sad and pathetic right? My brother had class until 8PM that night. My boyfriend had parent teacher conferences until 730 and my mom was working. So…my birthday wasn’t that exciting. But it’s ok, I had a lot of fun with my puppies (by have fun, I think it was me annoying them with my constant need for attention.)

Friday, I don’t believe it was any better. I spent it with my boyfriend and brother. My boyfriend had a couple plans for that day but my brother needed a ride from the bus stop. (We still take the bus to school cause we’re cool.Public Transport FTW.) Unfortunately, due to a displeasing series of events my boyfriend ended up quite upset and I ended up arguing with my mom about her rude behavior. My boyfriend being upset with the situation (Sounds like we’re on Jersey Shore) ended up kind of being short with me. It was understandable and I didn’t really know what to say. I knew that my mom wasn’t going to be super pleased but at the same time I didn’t expect things to go south so badly especially around my birthday. I thought it would have been a bit much to ask but I still thought on my birthday she would at least try to be nice. So, my boyfriend ended up leaving a bit angry. I felt bad and for the first time since I can remember my brother actually stood up for my boyfriend.

Saturday, it started out pretty poorly. My boyfriend invited me over to his place but was really mean. On the way over I was debating the entire way if I should just turn around and go home. I almost did more times than I care to admit. I also took a lot of time just sitting in the car debating on going inside, breaking up with him, or just going home and trying again next week. It wasn’t pretty by any means but when I did end up going inside…Lee didn’t even open the door for me! His roommate ended up letting me in while Lee waited for me in his room. I wasn’t too pleased with this either (again the thought of breaking up with him was entertained for a moment.)

Luckily for the both of us, Lee apologized for his words earlier. I took the apology, even though I was a bit hesitant. We talked a bit and he set up the CUTEST surprise for  me. I think that was part of the reason I was able to forgive him.

Lee's adorable set up

I thought this was the sweetest thing ever! He made the “I” and the “U” out of cliff bars (my favorite healthy snack!) and the ❤ out of Starbursts! (I love me some Starbursts.) Then at the end was my present that he ordered from Sephora with that cute box! (Can you tell I was super psyched about this?!) Inside was the Hello Kitty Graffiti palette. I knew I was getting this because I had mentioned to Lee that this was what I wanted. I was blown away by the set up. No one had done this for me ever and after the rough birthday weekend I had I needed something like this.

After the presents and some cuddling, we decided to head to Boulder for a wonderful walk around Pearl Street. I didn’t realize there was some sort of fair there. It was crazy crowded but really fun! There was live music, a man dancing in roller skates (yes…skates, like the kind from cheesy 50’s flicks,) and plenty of stands selling things fried on a stick! We decided to have dinner at Kasa Sushi. It was a nice sushi restaurant in Boulder. I think he only picked sushi because he knew I was obsessed. But we order a sake and beer to share. For some reason, whenever we try a different sushi place we have to try the seaweed salad. For the record, the best seaweed salad I’ve had was from Hana Matsuri. At Kasa Sushi, it was pretty good but not the best. I tried udon for the first time too (YUM!) and of course we also got a sushi roll. I think I ate more than Lee….Yeah I’m a glutton.

After dinner we walked around Pearl Street. For dessert, we bought a cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory and watched the band perform live. Actually, we watched the shoeless guy and the dude on roller skates dance. It was entertaining…only in Boulder. It was funny though. Lee had gone on a series of dates and one of the girls he dated was there. I thought he should have said hi…he did not. LOL.

OHHHH And most importantly, I found a LUSH in Boulder. I had NO idea there was one there. Lee thought I had gone crazy because we had walked past it a few times. But while walking, I spotted it and suddenly took off running. Poor Lee was so confused as to why we were running, but I HAD to get there before it closed. It was a small shop, so I over looked it-twice. But once inside the girl working the register was super nice. I wanted a Mint lip scrub and she went in the back and brought out a whole new box for me! I was so excited that I almost forgot about Lee. I couldn’t believe that after waiting for so long I finally was able to get my hands on the lip scrub. I had heard so many good things about it that I had to try it! (And on a quick note: I love the lip scrub. Totally worth every penny I paid. Plus it tastes like mint chocolate chip…..amazing.)

The night turned out well despite the tough beginning. I had a wonderful 25th birthday. I hope the next quarter century is as entertaining as the last had been.


Thank you for reading,

Binny ❤

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