Beauty Thoughts: Skincare routine

Hello my lovelies,

Today, I wanted to focus on something quite important….skincare.

I know everyone’s skin is different and what works for some will not work for others. But, I believe it’s a good idea to check out what everyone else is doing to generate ideas. (And we’re all about sharing here aren’t we?)

First, I want to let you guys know about my skin so you have a better idea if this will work for you or not. I have combination oily skin. I tend to get dryer on the cheeks during season changes and oily as can be in my T-zone. Regardless of what kind of make up I wear, I will be shiny by the end of  the day. I break out quite easily and tend to have very dry skin around my mouth (but I think that is from not drinking enough water…)

I also tend to change-up my routine every so often. I will put down what I do for MOST of the year and note any changes I have done recently in between those times.

My daytime routine:

I was my face with the Clarasonic Mia and Purity cleanser. This is main form of cleansing I do since it leaves my skin clean and smooth. The Purity cleanser is gentle enough that my skin won’t get irritated from using it with the Mia. I also like the smell of the cleanser.

Recently though, I have stopped using the Mia to give my skin a bit of change from the norm. I have switched to using the Cetaphil daily cleanser. I don’t use this with the Mia because I think it will be too harsh for skin and cause excess drying on my cheeks (which already have a tendency to dry out anyways.)

I then use the Shiseido brightening softener. This is a hydrating toner that I have reviewed before. I still really love this toner, but I have learned the price tag is a bit high. Shiseido is an amazing line for Asian skin in particular but I don’t think currently I need to pay 40 dollars for a toner. So I am only using this until I use it up.

After the toner I use the Neutragena Acne Stress Relief gel all over It contains 2% salicylic acid. I need this because my skin is VERY prone to breaking. But since I have dry cheeks, I need something that will not only prevent and dry break outs but also hydrate my skin. This is the perfect product for that purpose.

I also use the BE Eye firming treatment. I use this particular eye cream because while dark circles are not genetic in my family, large bags under the eyes are. (I have it on both sides of my family…great…) So, I find that this firming treatment really reduces the appearance of the bags underneath my eyes. It also helps with dark circles (I had slight circles, nothing major though.)

After letting all that sink into my skin for 10 minutes, I will apply moisturizer. I am currently using the Dramatically different moisturizing gel my clinique, but I may change that once I finished the bottle. I’m not sure which moisturizer I will use just yet. I would love to hear your recommendations on any moisturizer (drugstore or high-end) that you highly recommend.

That is my daytime skin care routine, a bit intense yeah? But it actually takes no time at all.

My nighttime routine:

It is actually pretty similar to my daytime routine. There are a few differences though.

For make up removal, I use the Up&Up eye make up remover. It’s the only one I really like that I’ve tried so far. The Clinique one is also really good, but I think price-wise and performance, the Up&Up one is just fine. It removes my mascara and such beautifully. There are bits of residue left, but nothing major.

I then use baby wipes to remove all my face make up before I wash my face. I use to use removing wipes, but that was getting a bit expensive. So I heard baby wipes were good for make up removal, I tried it and I am in love. I think they are wonderful and they smell good too! I am currently using Huggies, but that’s only because the box the wipes came in has Pooh on it. (Such I sucker for packaging I am…)

I don’t apply moisturizer or the Neutragena gel. Instead, I use Epiduo all over my face.

Epiduo is a prescription topical medication that I use for handling my acne prone skin. Recently, my skin started breaking out like crazy (like it never had before in my entire life.) As a result, I was told by my dermatologist to use Epiduo and the Clarasonic. Thanks to both of these things, my break outs no longer occur. I may include a full post review about this later.

Once a week:

I will use the Cure gel as an exfoliant if I am not showering. I have learned this works much better on dry skin vs. wet skin. It does not hurt at all. It is mostly water and is really good for sensitive skin. Cure is a japanese product and is one of the best-selling. (I was able to learn about Cure through Bubzbeauty on youtube.)After using it, my skin feels smooth, clean, and refreshed actually. I really love this product and I hate to run out because I am not sure where I can get more (and not have to pay a lot for shipping…)

If I am showering at night and need to exfoliate, I will use the St. Ives Apricot scrub. I bought this a few weeks ago to try. I know a lot of people have been talking about it years ago, but I never got around to trying it. I am still on the fence on how much I like it. I think it’s a better body scrub than facial scrub. But once a week, I think it’s pretty quality. I just have to be extra careful to be extra gentle when using it. I do like how smooth my skin is afterwards though.

The mask I use is the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask. I absolutely adore this mask! I have tried a lot of masks; this one, by far, is the best one yet. It smells strongly of mint. So if you don’t like mint, I do not recommend this mask. It tingles when I put it on (another sensation I enjoy.) It really helps make my skin feel clean and refreshed.

Well, that is my skin care routine (a bit long I know, I apologize.) I just wanted to share with you what I do. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these products and what you do for your skin care routine. I would also love any recommendation for other skin care items I should try!

Thank you for stopping by,

2 thoughts on “Beauty Thoughts: Skincare routine

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