In My Head: 50 Things Tag

Hello my lovely readers,

Sorry this post is coming up so randomly and late. I decided to do another tag (these things are so easy and quick to put up.) The tag is 50 things I’ve Done tag. My list probably isn’t as exciting as others, but I thought it would be fun to do anyways.

1. I have accidentally punched my brother in the face
2. I have pretended not to speak English to get out of talking to telemarketers
3. I have lied about my age to get out of being harassed during election time
4. I have been around the world in 100 days
5. I have hoarded boxes. You never know when you’ll need a box.
6. Every time I go snowboarding, I have been knocked over by an out of control skier from behind.
7. I never learned my right and left, so I have always write my signature in the air to figure out which is which.
8. I have had 8 teeth removed. (apparently my teeth are too big for my mouth….that sounded dirty)
9. I rode a jet ski without knowing how to swim.
10. I have fed sting rays
11. I have sang “Linh is so great” in public
12. I have congratulated myself in public cause no one else would
13. I have taken pictures of my boyfriend only when he’s sleeping. (The only awake picture of him I have was given to me…yes I am that creepy.)
14. I have been petted by a crossing dressing Indian man on a train asking for money
15. I have seen both the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids in Egypt at Sunrise
16. I have tried dinosaur egg (an dessert dish in India.)
17. I have tried karate, figure skating, gymnastics, soccer, yoga, volleyball, and muay thai.
18. I have tried baby powder to see if it tasted like powdered sugar
19. I have woken my brother up by tapping his shoulder…with my toes.
20. I have never learned how to blow dry my hair with a brush.
21. I have seen a howler monkey almost pee on someone’s head.
22. I have climbed an active volcano.
23. I make strange noises to express my happiness.
24. I have read the entire Harry Potter Series in 2 days.
25. It takes me a full 2 minutes to properly pronounce conscience.
26. I buy kids meals for the toys for myself.
27. I memorized the rejection hotline phone number
28. I have called someone by the wrong name.
29. I have mistaken someone for my friend and scared them.
30. My friends mistake other people for me a lot.
31. I have woken up on the ground and my dog on my bed.
32. I don’t find it weird to spend 100 dollars on my dog when I won’t spend 30 dollars on myself.
33. I enjoy watching my dogs eat….I am creepy.
34. I have zip lined above the rainforest canopy.
35. The first time a boy ever asked me out, I squeeked no and ran away.
36. I was completely ignored by the first boy I ever liked (karma comes back in very cruel ways.)
37. I have had food poisoning 3 times in my life, two of those times this year.
38. I am a late bloomer. I didn’t reach puberty until late high school.
39. The best compliment I have ever received is from a gay guy about how perfectly shaped my chest is.
40. I have spent an entire day switching between the travel channel and the food network.
41. I have spent an entire walking by my second cousin without even realizing it.
42. I have 13 cousins….and only one of them is female.
43. I use to be in an abusive relationship. He was verbally abusive climbing towards physical.
44. I have passed up an evening out clubbing for a movie night with brother at home without any regrets.
45. I have jumped off the roof of my house with an umbrella trying to be Mary Poppins
46. I have cussed out my best friend’s ex cause he was a worthless human being.
47. My favorite activity has always been making my brother try the weirdest things I can find for him to eat. Like Bacon flavored soda.
48. I have drank coffee at 8 pm and was in bed by 11.
49. I have napped from 4PM to 8 PM, woke up and brushed by teeth, and went back to bed.
50. I have swam in water so clear I could see the fish swimming around my ankles.

Whew! That was harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully you found some amusement out of it! 🙂 I hope to see you all again soon.


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