Beauty Thoughts: Small Target Haul

Hello Wonderful Readers!,

Just another quick entry. Today, I needed to make a Target run for some cotton balls (I’m literally down to 3 cotton balls left…) But while there, I decided to use up some Target and manufacturer coupons I had to pick up some other things.

The small Target Haul I had

As you can see, I did end up picking up:
my usual Up&Up cotton balls (which I had a coupon for $.50 off)
the Up&Up sun screen (with a $2 off coupon)
the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation (with a $2 off Revlon coupon)
the new L’Oreal lip product (with $2 off L’Oreal as well as a $3 off 2 beauty products from Target coupon)
and of course no trip to target is complete without Hello Panda cookies!!

Not a large haul, but I picked up two things I have been wanting to try for a wile. I also bought the sun screen because I am going to have Orientation for my internship in August where I’ll be outside for 2-5 hours everyday. So I needed sunblock and I was running out of my Neutragena one.

I will probably report back on my own thoughts about the foundation and lip product once I get to try them out more.

Until then,


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