Beauty Thoughts: Cleansing Oil

Hello My Darling Readers,

Today, I wanted to take a break from massive swatches and reviews. (I am in the process of writing reviews for some of the palettes I recently obtained which include but are not limited to the Hello Kitty Parisenne Palette, tokidoki airways palette, tokidoki love from london palette, and theBalm balmbini vol. 2 palette…plus other things from hauls.)

I wanted to discuss a bit about something I have been using lately-cleansing oils. I bought the purity cleansing oil from philosophy awhile back during a sale they were having. I thought the cleansing oil looked very interesting and had seen a few youtube videos and read a few blogs raving about these products. I tend to have oily skin, it can be acne prone but usually not, and I will get dry around the lips if I don’t drink enough water each day. So, I was looking for a gentle way to remove my make up at night without agitating the dry skin (which is more often during the summer). I was using unscented baby wipes, but I noticed that it really agitated any dry spots I would develop from my bad hydration habits.

That’s when I heard about the cleansing oils. I have seen quite a few people raving about the MAC cleansing oil (which I plan on purchasing soon) but didn’t want to pay the $26 for 5 fl oz. Now it’s not that most expensive cleansing oil available, but I was able to get 1 fl oz of the Philosophy cleansing oil for $3 during a sale. So I ended up paying $15 for 5 fl oz. rather and $26.

I initially was only using it remove heavy make up-and I still do mainly use the oil to remove my make up when I have a full face/night out make up. But I have also started using it when I develop eczema around my lips. Not a pretty site, but I know I have to be extra gentle with cleansing. So far, I really enjoy using the cleansing oil at night. It removes my make up without feeling like my skin was also stripped along with it (which was how it felt after using the baby wipe.) I still wash my face with a normal cleanser afterwards, but it’s nice washing my face knowing I am going to actually be cleaning my face and not just washing off the make up.

Using the philosophy cleansing oil has started a small and growing obsession with cleansing oils. The two I am desperate to try are the cleansing oil from mac and the pore clarifying oil fro Shu Uemura. I am trying to wait till Shu Uemura has a sale or some sort…maybe a friends and family sale. The MAC one I know I am going to get in September when my birthday rolls around. (This is also a ploy because I know my MAC counter lets people pre-order collections when they come in to buy something. I know the Marilyn Monroe collection is coming out in October, so going in September I have a feeling they’ll let me pre-order from that collection and I am going to MAJORLY Haul things.)

Thanks again for stopping by and look forward to reviews, swatches, and general non-sense,



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