In My Head: My Heart Hurts

This morning the news was bombarded with the story about the horrendous shooting at Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Many of my readers may (or may not know) that I am from Colorado. I grew up in Denver and now live in Thornton (about 20 minutes north of Denver.) I have been to the Century 16 theater and know quite a few people who frequent it often.

More often than not, when I hear about shootings-it’s usually happening in other places. I had the mentality that it happens to other people, not here, not this close to home. The last time anything this tragic of this magnitude happening here was Columbine. I was only in middle school when it happened and was too young to really understand the lasting impact that event would have on daily life. (To me, it didn’t really have an impact…I didn’t think it would ever happen to MY school.)

But this morning all of that changed. This even opened my eyes that regardless of where these tragedies happen-I will impacted. I now understand that I don’t live in this safe haven bubble where my world is protected from the heinous crimes other people choose to commit. I am in their world just as much as they are in mine. It’s a scary thought; one that makes me feel extremely vulnerable.

But I also begin to see that my world is interconnected with the victims as well. Hearing about the young children who were hurt or killed breaks my heart and I can barely compose this entry or myself without crying. Knowing that there are parents who had their entire worlds shattered because of one person’s heartless act. There are young adults who had entire futures unexplored because of this.

I don’t know his reason for committing this crime and frankly, I don’t care. Lives were changed forever. People here will no longer feel safe doing something as innocent as going to see a movie…in a state where I always thought I was safe. I always thought “no one in Colorado would have the pure evil inside them to commit a crime of this magnitude.” And yet here I am, scanning new headlines and every social media I am connected to to find out if I knew someone there (No matter how distant it may be…maybe a fellow classmate from highschool.)

But it also taught me to appreciate. To not let the minute details of life bother me. To be grateful for the family I have and to be able to hold them and tell them I love them. Something I hope I never forget again.

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5 thoughts on “In My Head: My Heart Hurts

      1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s definitely been a bit hard but thankfully no one I know personally was there that night. I have heard bits of rolling news that someone I only know distantly was there and may have been hurt. I pray they come out of this ok.

      2. Of course. You will be okay, but of course it’s really traumatic for everyone, even people who were not there. Hopefully they are okay and the majority of the injured people heal up. There are so many injured so I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts for sure. x

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