Update and Revamp!

Hello Lovelies,

Whew, it has been a day and then some….so for the 5 people that have read my blog:

There have been major changes as to why I haven’t updated this blog in  a good while. The first being, I am currently about to start my third year of dental school.

So, here is the back story. 2 years ago, I got an interview with Howard University College of Dentistry. I got in! That summer I ended up leaving my home state of Colorado for the big adventure in Washington, DC. I found an apartment and left behind the state I grew up in (and love) and moved. The move itself was pretty smooth thanks to my mom being on top of life and making sure I was settled in before going back to CO.

I initially was excited before I quickly realized DC is not CO. I am not a city girl and I am only kidding myself into thinking that I am. I love sunshine and outdoors. I love smiling at strangers and saying hi. I love knowing that everyone around me is willing to help I just have to ask. None of which can be found in DC. Now don’t get me wrong, there are aspects about DC that I also enjoy….it’s just not home. Home is Colorado. So, that transition was rough.

Then there was change from beauty products to school. I found I had less time for my passion of make up because I had to focus on just getting by in school. So there was that. My blog and everything else got tossed to the side as I turned all of my time and energy on the adventure ahead. It was unfortunate that my hobby and interest got lost in my school. But I figured it was a good trade off for my dream career. But it made me think…now that I had time…what really drove me…

So in order to keep myself sane…and entertained. I decided to revamp my blog. I decided to make it into something different and really try to put effort into keeping up with it. I figured it would be best to start writing about things that pertain to me now rather than me 2 years ago. I don’t have the time to dedicate to trying and reviewing ad noting what I love and don’t love about beauty products. I may still occasionally post a review (since I have recently discovered a new facial routine that really has settled my breaking out all the time due to stress skin.) But I wanted to change my blog into more of a organization/daily nuggets kind of blog. Keep it light and not so demanding as a beauty blog (cause let’s be honest….my beauty blog was going no where.)

I think my first new entry will be school related (ugh) about how I keep my school notes/etc organized to ensure my success. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful.

Until next time,



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