Spring Cleaning to Spring Clutter

So as the weather outside becomes more sunshine and daisies, I find myself more energetic than ever before. Now that the year of clinics, tears, and sleepless nights have mostly been put behind me; I am starting to pick up on more spring activities to fill my time as the semester winds down (and before summer winds up again.)

One activity I have really dove into this year is gardening. My apartment complex has small garden plots available and I decided to get one this year. I usually garden in pots so this a huge leap for me. Armed with Pinterest and my country boyfriend, we decided to tackle a garden plot to grow veggies and herbs.  Being the big foodie that I am, I decided to only grow plants I can consume (sorry flowers!!!).

My list of plants include:
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Red Peppers
-Spring Onions
-Strawberries—although I am starting to think I might switch these out for raspberries since it is a little late in the year to grow strawberries.

We decided to start with seeds because…well at the time it was easier to find than a nursery that had small plants of the ones we wanted. (I am still a busy dental student after all…sometimes convenience wins out. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.) But thankfully Nick’s parents were kind enough to give us some gardening tools of our own. (again, as a dental student, any saved expense is a good one.) We picked up some plant food and  a small bag of plotting soil just to get it started.

My First Experience Gardening: My only thought was man it was HOT outside today to be gardening. I wasn’t doing much besides pulling out old plants (from the previous person who used that garden plot) and moving soil around. I was out there maybe an hour and a half but I was sweating more than if I had ran a 5k midday. I looked like a hot mess and I am sure smelled like it too. Nick was kind enough to come help me and get stinky himself.

Overall, I am excited to see if my green thumb exists or if I should just stick to composite fillings and leave the gardening to the pros.