In My Head: Study Tips!

Hello Everyone!

So as I mentioned before, I am preparing to decide my future. In preparing for my future, I have come across a few little tips that help me focus and study and get the most out of my studying. I hope this helps some of you who may still be in school, are taking a test, or just learning in general to look at yourself and start to understand how you learn best.

The first things I learned were:

I completely and utterly lack the ability to multitask. I cannot be someone who has the TV going on in the background, Facebook casually opened, or others around me talking and study at the same time. I just get too distracted too easily and I can’t study or retain any information from that study session.

I know how I learn best: For me, I remember and retain information(and integrated it into my schema) best when I am able to listen to someone say it and write it down while I’m listening. This is why lectures really work well for me. I don’t do well with “practicing” concepts if I don’t have time to simply hear someone explain it and for me to write it down. I am an auditory learner but only when I can also write it down. Visuals don’t really help me cause I can’t recall visuals like some others can. I only know it if I remember writing it (in tandem with someone saying it to me…I can’t stress that enough.) This is why taking notes from a book helps me…but not as much as taking notes during a lecture.

Take BREAKS! This is the most important thing and the hardest thing for me because I have a very odd way of focusing. I tend to hyper focus for HOURS at a time. I mean completely focused, I can’t take in anything going on around me because I am so focused on what is before me. I feel like once I get in the “zone” as my family calls it I just want to keep on studying. The side effects of being a creature of habit fur sure. But as many of you already know, most people remember things at the beginning and end the best-I’m not exception. Therefore, by taking breaks I am able to have more beginning and ends to remember.

Have a bottle of water near by. One of the biggest distractions for me is that I like to snack while studying. It’s an easy way to distract myself because…well my snacks eventually run out and I go search for more. So I switched to having a bottle of water with me so that I can always just go re-fill it and no worries there.

A white board. I have a giant white board I use for writing up key concepts and points that I need to remember. Using the colors and writing it after writing it in my notes really helps me see things I didn’t see just on paper. Plus, using the colorful markers are just fun and anything that makes studying fun is a win.

These are just 5 quick little things I do to make sure when I sit down to focus-I get the most out of it. I hope this helped you all a little bit. Please, if you have any tips leave a comment. I am always looking for ways to improve how I study!

Till next time,


Beauty Thoughts: Face of the Day

Hello my wonderful readers,

I wanted to do a quick face of the day for you all. I apologize for the messy hair in the picture, I just got back from running a couple errands.

FOTD 7/11/2012

The run down of items I used:

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 370 Natural Tan
Concealer: theBalm Time Balm Concealer in Medium (with Pixi Eye brightener under the eye)
Powder: Milani Even Tone Powder in 03 Natural

Lid: Snobby from theBalm Nude ‘Tude
Crease: Sultry from theBalm Nude ‘Tude
Outer Corner: Silly from theBalm Nude ‘Tude
Eyeliner: Wet ‘N Wild Gel Liner in Black
Mascara: tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

Cheeks: Mac’s Gold Trace
Lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (which is faded thanks to drinking orange julius…no regrets.)

Those are the products I’m wearing today. I’m trying out the Revlon Whipped Foundation. I might do a review…but with so many out there I’m not sure I want to.

If you have any questions about the products I’m wearing please let me know. Also, if you have any thoughts on the products I’ve used, leave a comment!

Thank you for stopping by,

Beauty Thoughts: Face of the Day-Green Challenge

Hello Lovlies,

I usually don’t post this late at night but I wanted to share a quick Face of the Day with you all.

As a challenge to increase my skills, I agreed with a “weekly” challenge set up by a few lovely ladies I talk to on Facebook. This week’s challenge (our first one) was to incorporate green into our look. It could be anything-eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, etc. There just had to be green in the look.

This is my take on that look:

My take on the Green Challenge

A quick run down of everything on my face:

Foundation: MUFE HD Foundation in 127
Powder: Inglot Pressed Powder  in 14
Concealer: theBalm time balm concealer in Medium
Eyebrows: Elf eyebrow kit in Dark
Lid: Naked 2 Chopper
Crease: Tokidoki Airways Palette Hong Kong
Outer Corner: Tokidoki Airways Palette New York and Wet ‘N Wild Comfort Zone Palette Right Crease Color
Eyeliner: Wet ‘N Wild gel liner in Black set with BE Eyeliner in Legit
Mascara: tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss 08
Lipgloss: UD gloss in Naked

Tell me what you think of the look! I  don’t usually use greens in my looks so this challenge really helped me expand out of my comfort zone!

Thanks for stopping by,

In My Head: Newest Obsession

Good Day my lovely readers,

Today will be a bit different from the beauty topics I usually write about. Lately, I have been buying a lot of office supplies (which isn’t that surprising because I love office supplies.)

But with my new internship, I had to get a few new notebooks (one for my licensing classes and one for just little notes to myself…kind of like a planner.) So I was looking at all the different notebooks, but none of them really stuck out for me. I don’t particularly enjoy spiral notebooks and just use them because they also tend to be the cheapest. I like bound notebooks, if they are bound well. Some composition notebooks anger me because they don’t open enough for me to write comfortably in them. Weird I know. I’m so picky.

So I kept browsing and somehow ended up in Barnes and Noble. I feel like my entire life is spent inside that store. I am slightly secretly in love with B&N. I think it’s just because i like sitting amongst books…cause like I’ve said before I’m slightly creepy. I also think it’s better than the library because for some reason the library near me is always full of kids…so I can’t focus as well because whenever I find a quiet place to study, the middle school kids will always pop up and start their loud conversations at a table next to me. So B&N it is.

While perusing the shelves, I noticed the moleskin notebooks. Normally, I just overlook these but I noticed one small sleek looking black notebook and decided it would be good for keep track and recording all my thoughts/ to do’s/ and notes for juggling my DATs, Dental school Applications, Law School Applications, and LSAT stuff. I wanted to keep it specific to this stuff just because I wanted one place I can go to record everything and have it there for me when I need to look something up. (Like say a score on a practice test.)

The notebook was bound in plastic and had a little cardboard thing around it tell me if it was lined or not, how many pages, what was inside, and the cost. The first thing I must admit is these notebooks are not cheap…they are way more than the 70 cent mead notebooks I use to get. My first thought when I opened up the notebook was that it was VERY WELL made. It really felt sturdy, the pages were not too thin (or too thick…I hate thick pages I feel like I’m getting ripped off,) the lines were college ruled (again I hate wide ruled notebooks cause I have small handwriting,) the binding was nice and tight but also allowed me to open the notebook the entire way for easy of writing, the page marker did not get in the way, and it stayed shut when I closed it. I thought it was worth every penny I paid for it.

The First Moleskin notebook I picked up

Well after my first experience with this notebook, I knew I was in love. The best parts about the moleskin notebooks were the size selection and the color selection. As most of my readers and friends know, I love the color yellow. I also love things that come in numerous colors. The moleskin notebooks come in an array of sizes ranging from small pocket notebooks to larger composition notebooks to even graph notebooks. The color range is basically the rainbow and then some. They come in packs of 2. Usually, they will be the same color in varying shades.

I ended up picking 4 notebooks. The first two were smaller and more meant for quick notes while I’m out or during the day for my internship. I picked my favorite color yellow and it came with an orange notebook as well. I also ended up getting 2 larger composition notebooks for my internship in varying shades of green.

The Orange and Yellow “planner” notebooks I bought
Green composition notebooks!

Overall, I think these notebooks will quickly become my favorite office supplies. They have the ability to join the Gelly Roll pens exclusive use items. Yes, I will only use Gelly roll pens to write because I think they write very well and for some reason I feel my handwriting looks more steady using Gelly Roll pens compared to everything else.

I think the merging of Moleskin notebooks, Gelly Roll pens, and Tul mechanical pencils will become the center of my office supply addiction.

Thanks for reading,

The Belated Update

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I’m sorry for not posting for quite some time. I’ve been busy. But I wanted to do an update entry just to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing.

Well I am going to apply (or re-apply) to dental school. I guess if at first you don’t succeed try and try again right? I am also studying my butt off to ensure I get a good score on m DATs. Plus, with the boyfriend in Physical Therapy School-I have all the time to focus and then eat dinner with him.

Next, since I now have a year off..I took up an internship with Graland Country Day School. I will be in an Alternative Licensing Program as a kindergarten teacher. Yup, from dentistry to teaching. While it sounds like a leap, I think it will be a good experience. Something completely different from college and to be on the other side of teaching will be interesting. Hopefully, no one pees on me. Yes, that is my greatest concern about teaching right now…being pee’d on. I am mature.

Also, during this time, I will be enrolled in the Education and Human Development Master’s Program. This is also linked to my internship/licensing program. I will have to write 2 extra papers on top of the hours I already have to take in classes for my licenses to teach little children. It’s probably not that much more work….But..(there’s always a but isn’t there?)

But…I will also be applying to law school. I can’t make up my mind. I am currently looking into different law schools that I may want to attend. I am finishing up my second bachelor’s in English Writing (I hold another BS in Biology.) I took a couple pre-law classes at my university (and even joined the Pre-Law Society) and learned more about it. I think that it’s a very interesting career and the more I learn about it the more enraptured I become. It’s really weird for me to be into law because I come from a long line of dentists and I grew up simply thinking I would join them. I thought healthcare was the only career option out there for me. It took me 25 long years, but I am finally beginning to realize what my family tells me is a good career doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good career for me.

I think it’s a hard decision, but right now I don’t want to force myself to pick simply because I don’t know which one I would want to pick. The three I’ve decided to explore are all careers I think would be good for me and would be both fulfilling and interesting. I just think right now I will follow all three until they diverge to the point where I am forced to pick.

Aside from a bunch of schooling stuff, I’ve still been as sickly sweet with my boyfriend as ever. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary. I will be doing a separate post on what he got me. It’s pretty neat and really thoughtful of him. It makes me happy that I’m with him. We also are trying to work out times to see each other because this summer he is busy with his first semester of PT school. I also am trying to squeeze in as much couple time as possible before I start this internship in August…and then we’ll barely have time for each other.

Aside from the relationship, I’ve also been focusing on keeping two very rambunctious pups busy. With the summer heat, it’s getting harder and harder to keep them cool and hydrated when all they want to do is run around outside in 95 degree weather. I love that they basically wear themselves out and are dead asleep by 9PM. But I’m worried they might get heat stroke or heat exhaustion because they barely want to stop to drink water. Fretting owner I know…but they’re my babies.

With the scorching heat here, there have also been numerous wild fires riddling my state. I think the  count is up to 7 now. It breaks my heart and I hope that everyone is safe and that relief comes soon. Normally we get some decent rainfall during June, but with this year being the warmest in 75 years it’s hard to keep up hope. But I’m still going to hope and send positive thoughts in that direction.

But enough with the downing news. On a completely different note, I recently joined Luuux. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a networking site where you post things (about fashion, make up, food, cars, anything really) to earn Luuux dollars. You can trade these dollars in for real items (such as gift cards, ugg boots, and even LV bags.) I thought it would be interesting to try and maybe be a bit like Pinterest. Another site I’ve been obsessed with. I am not sure if I’ll link it to this blog yet. Maybe once I get more comfortable. So if you’re on there, let me know! Leave a comment with your username and I’ll definitely try adding you or following you.

Again, I’m sorry for the ridiculously long delay in updates. I’ll try to work on it so that I won’t ignore this blog for so long again.

Much Love,


Beauty Thoughts: Make Up Forever HD foundation first thoughts

Hello my wonderful readers,

So, I wanted to get right into it. I finally jumped on the Make Up Forever HD bandwagon and bought it. I bought the color 127, which was a lucky guess and a perfect match for my skin tone. I ordered the foundation online from Sephora since I didn’t want to make the drive to the mall to look at it in person. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the right color. I usually guess either too light or too dark on concealers and foundations. I must be learning!!

I decided to try this particular foundation because it didn’t have any SPF in it. I went to a big family wedding in May where there will be a lot of pictures. So I didn’t want a white cast in those pictures. This pushed me to find a foundation that would give me good coverage without the light reflection. I wanted to try it early because I can always buy it in a darker color for summer; but I need time to try different application techniques to see which one gives me the best finish.

My initial thoughts when I applied it with a stippling brush was “amazing!!” I really liked the finish and the coverage it gave me. I felt it gave me medium coverage. The perfect amount for my skin. I applied it at 9 am and checked how it looked again at 6 PM and it looked almost the same. It faded a bit around my nose but all foundations do that to me. I set it with MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in medium dark. I really love the overall finish of these two products combined.

But the true test of how the foundation would hold up came when I had to wear it in NY. The difference is in CO, it is DRY. Here when we reach 20% humidity it’s humid to us. So when I went to NY, I wanted to see how it would hold up without touch ups, in humidity, with me walking my butt all over NYC. The end result was that-it held up pretty well. I put on a very light application of the foundation. Set it and literally just forgot about it until the end of the day. I didn’t take to many pictures around NY, but I will include the few I did.

Also for the wedding, there were 2 professional photographers that were snapping shots left and right. I included one of those pictures (that came back early) to show how well this foundation looked in pictures. I really liked it because it looked very natural on me. In the last picture, I am the one in the red dress. The beautiful lady in the gold dress is my cousin (who is lucky enough not to need to make up!)

With Lee on the Ferris Wheel in Toys ‘R Us in Times Square
Being Traumatized by Elmo! At least my make up is perfect.
At my Uncle’s Wedding with my cousin (in the gold), my other cousin (the best man), Me, and my brother

If you’ve had any experience with this foundation please let me know. Did you like it? Hate it? In between?

Until then, thank you for stopping by.