Update and Revamp!

Hello Lovelies,

Whew, it has been a day and then some….so for the 5 people that have read my blog:

There have been major changes as to why I haven’t updated this blog in  a good while. The first being, I am currently about to start my third year of dental school.

So, here is the back story. 2 years ago, I got an interview with Howard University College of Dentistry. I got in! That summer I ended up leaving my home state of Colorado for the big adventure in Washington, DC. I found an apartment and left behind the state I grew up in (and love) and moved. The move itself was pretty smooth thanks to my mom being on top of life and making sure I was settled in before going back to CO.

I initially was excited before I quickly realized DC is not CO. I am not a city girl and I am only kidding myself into thinking that I am. I love sunshine and outdoors. I love smiling at strangers and saying hi. I love knowing that everyone around me is willing to help I just have to ask. None of which can be found in DC. Now don’t get me wrong, there are aspects about DC that I also enjoy….it’s just not home. Home is Colorado. So, that transition was rough.

Then there was change from beauty products to school. I found I had less time for my passion of make up because I had to focus on just getting by in school. So there was that. My blog and everything else got tossed to the side as I turned all of my time and energy on the adventure ahead. It was unfortunate that my hobby and interest got lost in my school. But I figured it was a good trade off for my dream career. But it made me think…now that I had time…what really drove me…

So in order to keep myself sane…and entertained. I decided to revamp my blog. I decided to make it into something different and really try to put effort into keeping up with it. I figured it would be best to start writing about things that pertain to me now rather than me 2 years ago. I don’t have the time to dedicate to trying and reviewing ad noting what I love and don’t love about beauty products. I may still occasionally post a review (since I have recently discovered a new facial routine that really has settled my breaking out all the time due to stress skin.) But I wanted to change my blog into more of a organization/daily nuggets kind of blog. Keep it light and not so demanding as a beauty blog (cause let’s be honest….my beauty blog was going no where.)

I think my first new entry will be school related (ugh) about how I keep my school notes/etc organized to ensure my success. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful.

Until next time,



So stereotypical

Hello webloggers and readers,

Lately, I have re-discovered a new love….dramas. Such as korean, japanese, chinese, taiwanese (some categorize these separate from the chinese dramas.) A few years back I was very into watching asian dramas, I started a new one right after I finished watching one. I followed a few of my favorite actors and actresses, simply to be able to watch the latest drama they were starring in. Well after awhile I started to get into other interests and dropped watching dramas.

Recently, I encountered an ending theme song for a drama that I really liked. Intrigued by the song, I followed the link to watch the drama called Personal Taste (or Personal Preference depending on the translator.) Surprisingly enough, it starred one of my recent favorite actors Lee Min Ho (who played the lead actor in Boys Over Flowers Korean Version.) Seeing this, I started watching the first episode. I was almost instantly hooked. The storyline was light and funny. While at times it was awkward, but it wasn’t cringe and turn away awkward. It was giggle and shift awkward. It had the usual touches of drama and hints towards something bigger.

Unlike other dramas, this one doesn’t get too heavy on the crying, overly hurt moments. I found myself crying only at the end of one episode. While the actors do cry a bit more in the drama, I didn’t find myself crying with them. There are a few characters I thought could have been better, but then again if I wrote a drama it would never fly. Simply because it would be pretty plain.

After finishing Personal Taste, I moved on to the Coffee Prince or the 1st Coffee shop Prince. I started this one awhile back, but never quite got around to finishing it. I find myself still enjoying myself as much this time around. I’ll post another update once  I finish the series to express my…feelings about what happened.

Until then,

What? 2 years?!

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to do a quick update and let you all know…

I have offically been with my boyfriend for two years on November 1st, 2010! I’m really excited. We are going to celebrate this weekend since last weekend was Halloween and all. It was a rough road but we’re happy together. I thought I would share this with all my lovely readers.

I should at least share how we met right? haha sit down you’re in for a fun ride I promise.

IT was October 26th, 2008. I was running late to a friend’s birthday party. I arrived and there was a spot open right across from my friend and next to a cute Korean boy. I sat down and greeted my friend before turning to introduce myself to the boy next to me. He said all of one word to me, “Hi.” That was it. For the rest of the night. Nothing else. Yeah….

Well I didn’t mind since I was there for my friend. We were talking and eating. The food I remember was ok but not worth the price I paid for it. But I had fun talking to everyone. For some reason my legs kept going numb so I was shifting around alot. I kept kicking what I thought was the table leg in my shifting around. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I sit still for too long my legs go really tingly numb and it bothers me. After dinner we headed back to her house to hang out and watch a few movies since it was approaching halloween. We popped in Hocus Pocus (a great movie by the way.) I sat in a little seat by myself since no one wanted to sit next to me. Sadness I know. I actually strategically sat across from the cute Korean boy (who is Chase for those of you who haven’t caught on yet…) I kept glancing over at him but he didn’t seem to even notice! He was too busy in conversation with my friend’s boyfriend.

Well we went home…nothing. No other word was exchanged between us. It should have ended there. But later I went out to dinner with my friend and her boyfriend before he went back to VA. We got to talking and Chase was brought up again. It was funny. Eventually my friend took the hint that I was interested and took matters into her own hands. Quite literally. She basically talked to him and asked him what he thought of me. (I know…so subtle right?) Everything he said was of course reported back to me. Lol and by the end of the night he had promised to call me wednesday or Friday….lol what odd days he picked.

Wednesday finally rolled around, he called. We talked for a couple hours. It was fun. We really just had a nice conversation. Eventually he agreed to come pick me up after class so we could talk in person.

There are PLENTY more stories. So every month I might just write a story about my boyfriend and me. Would you guys like that?

Thanks for reading and hopefully wishing me well in my relationship!


Hey my readers (and people accidentally stumbling on to my blog!)

This entry is going to be really short. But I wanted to spread the word about a site I recently discovered.

It’s called Freerice.com. It is a site that people can go to and answer questions (such as english vocabulary or basic math) and for every question that you get right they will donate 10 grains of rice to a country in need. It’s so easy! (I’ve already donated 8380 grains of rice!) Yeah 10 grains doesn’t sound like a lot but it certainly adds up.

So, I encourage everyone to do it!

I also like the site because it helps people learn and it’s for a good cause. It will really help build your vocabulary as you try to answer more and more questions and the more you get correct, the harder it becomes. I really like it because its a challenge. I think this is beneficial because all you’re really doing is dedicating some time and brain power to get food to those that need it.

Next up, a blog about packing and finals…lol random I know.

Thanks for reading,

Tokidoki and my boyfriend

Hello everyone!

So, with school winding down in the next 2 weeks…I have been crazy swamped with work. I’m really sorry I haven’t been updating my blog very often.

But I wanted to show everyone the great things I got this weekend! It was a really long week and I was looking forward to the weekend a lot. (And you know how you wait for something it takes FOREVER to arrive lol.) Well, I decided to go to Sephora for a little retail therapy. Don’t worry I was just impulse buying…I actually had planned on getting three things (and maybe a fourth…which I did get.) My boyfriend was nice enough to come with me and walk around with me. It was super fun (for me at least.)

So the three things I knew I was definitely getting were: the Tokidoki luminizer, A tokidoki lipgloss, and finally the Smashbox photofinish primer =D. The one thing I wasn’t sure I was getting was the Tokidoki kabuki brush, which I ended up getting anyways. Since all of this came to 100 dollars, I was able to get a free gift from Sephora. Out of everything they were giving out at the time, I picked the Sephora face primer sample. I’ll try to give you guys a review of all the products I bought…especially the Tokidoki stuff because let’s face it. I am OBSESSED with Tokidoki!

After going shopping for the make-up, I walked around the mall with my boyfriend. We finally checked out the new iPad everyone was raving about. Personally, I’m more excited about the new macbook pros that just came out. They look the same as the old ones, just a bit more memory and a faster processor. I don’t know if it’s worth the money, but I guess when (or if) I never need to replace my macbook, I’ll upgrade to the new macbook pro!

Other than that though, nothing much to report on. I’ll have a new blog up in a couple days. I’m sorry about the sporadic posting, it’s just school has really been eating up all my spare time!

Until next time,